9 Protective Styles We Co-Signed In 2018
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9 Protective Styles We Co-Signed In 2018

When you have natural hair, protective styling becomes your BFF. Not only is it a way to quell the sometimes monotonous feeling of doing your hair and allows you to switch it up, but protective styles are hairstyles that are essential to your hair's growth and ability to retain length. So, win win.

And for those of us who weren't aware already, the perfect time for protective styles is during the colder months when hair can become susceptible to breakage due to the harshness of the weather. Plus, since your hair is tucked away, it reduces the amount of heat and manipulation that could occur with daily maintenance. Looking for some inspo to help you spice it up? We got y'all!

Below are 9 protective styles that we've loved this year, aimed to protect your natural hair all season.

Feed-In Braids.

Feed-in braids are one of the most natural looking protective styles because they give off the illusion that the braids are actually growing from your scalp. Your natural hair will be used as the starter braid for any feed-in style, and braiding hair extensions will be added to your natural hair strand by strand for this style.

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