#AskDV: How Do I Get Over An Ex?

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Dear Can't Leave Him Alone:

Okay, you have had your "to the left moment." You've cried your eyes out, used every tissue in the box, and listened to every Keyshia Cole and Mary J. Blige break-up song you could find on Tidal. You've burned all the memoirs he left in your house, at work, and in your car. As far as social media is concerned, you've deleted every post that even mentioned his name and now, you're ready to finally get up and move the hell on.

After all the months of heartache and turmoil, you are finally ready to take back control over your life. It's time to show the world you are not a product of your situation.

While going through this break up, it is important to understand the typical behavioral patterns of men when it comes to love so that you can brace yourself for what may come. Most men are incapable of being alone so the minute your relationship ends, he either already has another chick on the side or he will quickly find someone to replace you with.

Learn how to be okay with that.

That doesn't mean that he did not care about you, but in order for him to protect his feelings and maintain his machismo, you will be quickly replaced. Do not allow this to upset you and just start preparing for your own Classy Clapback by doing the following:

Clear the cloud

Immediately delete all of his contact information from all devices and block him on all social media platforms so that you cannot tempt yourself to see how he's doing.

Break up with everybody

Kiss his momma, sister, cousins, and best friend goodbye as well. I know that might sound harsh but you need to do whatever you need to do in order to protect your own emotional well-being. Trust me…he will do the same.

Work it out

If you've slaked off, get back in the gym because it will help you to release the endorphins associated with a broken heart and you will be inspired to look your best.


Reconnect with the girlfriends you put on the backburner once you fell in love. It happens and good girlfriends are always there when you come back.

Back like you never left

Start dating again as quickly as possible. It's not about how you feel but it's more so about getting back into the dating game. You do not have to even be that interested in the guy, but start dating before you let your sadness turn into depression over your last break-up.

The first one who calls or texts, loses

Under no circumstances do you contact him or do things to make him notice you in any way. Get back to living your best life and I promise he will notice you…the streets are always watching.


Your Favorite Valentine

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