Here’s How Our Favorite Celebs Are Working On Their Fitness From Home

The body of your dreams is waiting and these celebrities will motivate you to get that ass off the couch and into your favorite workout pants.

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The kitchen is nearby, your snacks are abundant, and the summer body struggle has officially gotten real.

Netflix and chillin' all day felt all good about a week ago, but June is rapidly approaching and social distancing is no excuse to ditch your body goals.

And I get it, sis.

Staying up on your fitness game can feel so much more challenging while working from home but the body of your dreams is waiting and these celebrities will motivate you to get that ass off the couch and into your favorite workout pants to break a sweat.

Whether that means working out some tension with a bomb yoga routine like Karrueche, do a full-body workout with Naomi Campbell, or just get your stretch on with Serena, these stars prove that the seemingly everlasting self-quarantine is even more of a reason to focus on your fitness and get your workout routine all the way together.

Naomi Campbell


Last month, Naomi Campbell went live with her personal trainer, Joe Holder, in a series of live sweat sessions that inspired us to get our glutes in alignment ASAP. In the sessions, Instagram users were invited to join in on full-body workouts that keep Naomi ready for the catwalk at all times.

Tracee Ellis Ross 

"I did my best, did a lot of giggling and talking to myself and made some variations as best I could on the moves I couldn't do (being extra careful). As you all know I love me some @tracyandersonmethod. I love the workouts and have been doing it for years. It keeps me strong and long with a little jiggle. Just like I like! We are usually in a 98 degree studio. My makeshift home space is not nearly as hot but this is working and wonderful."

Justine Skye

Justine Skye proved that all you need is a medicine ball and some space to get a daily workout in from home (even though her nose almost took one for the team in the process).

Jada Pinkett-Smith 

"Chile ... What a towel on the floor will do!"

Venus Williams 

"With all gyms closing in most major cities, we still have to stay active. One of my favorite apps is @onepeloton , for at home work outs. Share with me some of your favorites! Stay active while you social distance and bring down the curve!"

Serena Williams 

In a post earlier this week, Serena Williams stressed the importance of not only working out but stretching (which is good for stress relief and back pain) during this time of self-isolation.

Featured image by Instagram/@TiaMowry.

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