7 Things To Know About Slick Woods - The Face Of Fenty Beauty
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7 Things To Know About Slick Woods - The Face Of Fenty Beauty

In a world cluttered by cookie-cutter models and photo-shopped layouts, emerging model Slick Woods is a breath of fresh air.

Her gap-tooth grin, bald head and tattoos serve a new kind of sexy that transcends gender and style preference. This new androgynous archetype is proving that femininity is flexible and defined by the woman herself. Discovered just two years ago, Slick has had a whirlwind career shooting exclusive campaigns for Calvin Klein, gracing the 2018 Pirelli calendar, and making her film debut next year as the star of Vice Film's Goldie. She was also pegged by Vogue as the face of the new American style.

Her latest role tops it all as she's been named the face of Fenty Beauty by Ms. Robyn "Rihanna" Fenty herself. Tonight at midnight, the latest shade from Fenty's matte lip line, Stunna, drops and it's time we honored the fierce woman behind the brand's latest campaign. Slick is leaving her mark in an industry fraught with amorphous stereotypes and we're here for it.

Get to know Slick Woods and thank us later.

1. She Started From the Bottom

"BLEED FOR YOUR F**KING DREAM...," Slick wrote in one Instagram post earlier this month. The 21-year-old says that she couldn't hold a job longer than a week and modeling literally saved her life.

2 years ago I started this journey at 19. I never was prepared for what was to come; adulthood, building a career... a "brand". I could only hold one job longer than a week due to my lack of control over my emotions and PTSD and that was f-ckin footlocker. The pressure crippled me. Modeling saved my life. Modeling took me around the world and introduced me to passion and inspiration. Follow your dreams if it f-cking kills you because the pain of regret is incomparable. My dreams broke me down, built me up, moved me to the other side of the country with not a cent to my name or a friend in my phone book. My dreams gave me crippling anxiety and depression. My dreams broke my skin out from stress and worry but you know what else my dreams did? They gave me the motivation and the passion to overcome the bad that made it not only hard to enjoy, but also aided the block I had on the blessings god was sending.

2. Her Mother Went to Prison When She Was 4 Years Old

Slick was raised by her grandmother while her mother was in jail serving an 18-year sentence for manslaughter. During that time, Slick and her grandmother bounced around between Los Angeles and Minneapolis in perpetual homelessness. Regardless of the hard life she endured, Slick thinks the world of her mother. She told Evening Standard that she was, "the most respected woman I've ever been around."

"I've never met someone as selfless as my mother. My mother gave her life for me."

Her mother will be released next year.

3. She Got Her Nickname From Her Weed Rolling Skills

Slick Woods is not her real name. The model was actually born Simone Thomas. Her nickname she picked up from friends, thanks to her supreme weed-rolling skills. Her public affinity for marijuana has cost her a lot more than it's worth. She told Evening Standardthat posting photos of her smoking pot to Instagram has proven to be costly, "I've lost $125,000 in a day from being myself."

4. She Had Her Heart Broken by Ebonee Davis

A staple member of her modeling cohort, Ebonee Davis, apparently did a little more than just take some incredibly provocative photos with Slick - she also kind of took her heart too.

Slick recently revealed to the Evening Standard that she's currently single after having her heart broken by Ebonee.

'I sent her 16 bouquets of purple roses to say I miss you. She's the one that got away, man.'

5. She Used To Live In A Traphouse And Did Time in Jail for Credit Card Scams

Surviving humble beginnings and being the daughter of a woman who did serious time had a statistically predictable effect on Slick's life. Before hitting it big, she did time in jail herself for credit card scams and bank scams. She told Evening Standard, "'I was in a place where I didn't believe in anything, so I was so susceptible to evil energy. I'm so easily turned."

Although she was living in a drug den just two years ago, she is now ballin' out of control. She revealed, "I went from being homeless to spending $20,000 a week. I was making up for lost time, buying my friends s***, going to $400 dinners. I've always been like, “What if I die tomorrow?" I can't sit on this bread.'

6. She Was Discovered On The Streets By Model Ash Stymest

Sometimes all it takes is that one co-signer to bring someone into the light that otherwise might have gone unnoticed. A chance meeting with British model Ash Stymest who saw her walking down a street in LA led to a friendship that served as her doorway into the modeling industry. Meeting Ash lead to the modeling gig that sent her into orbit - Kanye West's Yeezy lookbook.

7. She Once Told Kanye West, "Pay Me"

Slick gives us a little lesson in knowing your worth - no matter who's asking. After posing for the Yeezy season one lookbook, she was asked back. But apparently Kanye forgot to pay her. "Kanye did not pay me," she told Evening Standard. "I didn't see my money until the next Yeezy job I did. He couldn't book me again without having paid me for the first time."Welp.

Slick Woods has just gotten started, and will be the model to watch in 2018!

Catch her in Rihanna's latest beauty campaign below:

For more from Slick Woods, follow her on Instagram.

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