Rihanna's New Product Will Give You The Ultimate Glow-Up

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Rihanna just announced the surprise launch of two new products that will help us achieve her coveted glow. Say goodbye to basic shoulders and glitter-less cleavage with Rihanna's summer body care products.

The singer recently previewed two new additions to Fenty Beauty line on her Instagram, which included an adorable shimmer-filled powder puff called the Fairy Bomb and the liquid body shimmer and illuminizer, Body Lava, and we can't wait to try them.

80's and 90's babies REJOICE.

We get to relive the sparkling millenium year all over again with Rih's new throwback-inspired summer launch. The "Beach Please" collection is composed of products reminiscent of the illustrious 99's and 2000's and scheduled to drop in Sephora stores and online April 6. And it's promising to highlight us in all the right places.

The Bajan beauty made the announcement via Instagram, confessing to fans via IG stories that her personal collection of the highlighters were almost empty. From the preview in her brief tutorial, we can definitely see why. The illuminizing Body Lava will come in two shades; a peach "Who Needs Clothes" and a bronze-tinted "Brown Sugar."

The new releases will be the first skincare products in her portfolio, and we're pretty sure we can look forward to new bodycare products from Rih in the future.

I'm normally a drugstore makeup or no makeup at all type of girl, but I begged for the Fenty soft matte longwear foundation last Christmas and it is like sex on my face. I only need of a dab of it for the makeup to be effective, and I'm nowhere near running out so it was well worth the price.

I will definitely be illuminating my shoulders with Rih's new summer release this April. Will you?

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