Sex Won't Give You A Big Butt + Other Myths About Women's Bodies
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Sex Won't Give You A Big Butt + Other Myths About Women's Bodies


Since the beginning of patriarchal time, men have policed women's voices, rights, bodies, and sexual identities.

You can imagine of course, that there have been many false belief systems that even some women still subscribe to. This piece will address and debunk five of the major misconceptions about the female form and psyche.

Empowering Women Does Not Come At The Expense of Men

By virtue of what feminism means, I believe that we all should be feminists, in the sense that we all should want equality, progressive rights, the end of violence, or death at the hand of a man, and fair social treatment for all women. Uplifting women should by no means translate to disempowering men.

Some arguments by Men's Rights Activists (MRA's) suggests that feminism is anti-male discrimination. This notion could be semi-digestible if there was a complete system in place where women held the power to systematically oppress men but this is simply not the case.

Creating a society that equally respects both men and women can only be achieved if the group that holds the lesser collective governing and social power is given the opportunity and space to be heard, affirmed, and validated. As women continue to take their deserved roles in our society as equals to stand as one with men as movers and shakers, our uneven cultural reality will become balanced.

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