5 Natural Body Scrubs That'll Have Your Melanin Poppin'
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5 Natural Body Scrubs That'll Have Your Melanin Poppin'

Summer is almost over and we're all about keeping that summertime glow throughout the rest of the year.

Aside from your daily wash routine and water intake, there is one more way to keep your skin flawlessly glowing: scrubs. We all know the importance of exfoliating our face, but do you have a routine for your body as well?

Body scrubs are a good way to remove dead skin, increase blood circulation, and help obtain healthy glowing skin. While there are many body scrubs available, natural scrubs are the best way to go. Although our skin is there to protect us, we need to make sure we're using the right products to promote skin health. Here are five natural body scrubs that will help improve your skin.

Pure Tropix Lime Agave Salt Scrub

The Pure Tropix Lime Agave Salt Scrub is a bit more coarse than the other scrubs, which makes it perfect for bath time as well. You can set your bath with a spoon or two of the salt scrub and it will do the rest. Pure Tropix uses a variety of ingredients like agave lim, avocado oil, and dead sea crystal salt to help the body detoxify, add glow, and replenish your skin.

Do you have a favorite body scrub that you'd like to recommend? Share with us in the comments down below!

Featured image by Krissy Lewis/xoNecole

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