These Celebs Came To Slay At The 2018 MTV VMAs

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The sky is never the limit when it comes to the MTV Video Music Awards.

The annual gathering is a celebration of the music and videos that you couldn't take off of repeat and were essential to your ever evolving life soundtrack over the past year. And this year, it will go back to the basics and return to its Radio City Music Hall roots in New York City, where it first took place in 1984. Back then, Bette Midler and Dan Akroyd were the hosts and they dressed up as the original moonmen. They decided to switch it up in 2018 by having a hostless ceremony and allowed the presenters like Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart, along with performers, to keep the show rolling. One of the highlights included goddess Jennifer Lopez receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

It was amazing to see the array of looks this year with some celebrities glamming it up while others kept it casual. Flip through the gallery to see some of our favorite looks of the night!

Cardi B

Kulture's mom, Cardi B, introduced a new look on the carpet and she killed. This custom creation by Nicolas Jebran is pure perfection. And the Lorraine Schwartz jewelry make this rap queen look like royalty.

Which look was your favorite? Spill the tea below!

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