14 Times IGers Slayed The Teddy Coat Trend


After the longest summer in history, I have been unashamedly ready for fall/winter to arrive, so that I can really start dressing.

My go-to fall/winter look involves some heeled ankle boots and hiding all my sins in an oversized coat.

Every year, I say to myself I am investing in said coat so that I don't need to buy another one next year and every year, I am up in the malls and online looking for my new coat. I have just come to the conclusion that you can never have too many coats. So, with that said, I am buying another coat this year, a teddy coat to be specific.

The teddy coat trend is here to stay following its debut on the scene last year at the Max Mara FW '17 show. Everyone fell in love with the Max Mara teddy coat; it even inspired me to get two teddy coats last year. High street stores have even jumped on to the trend with everyone offering their own variation.

In need of some inspiration, here are 14 of my favorite teddy coat looks from across social media:


Featured image by @farahpink

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