Your Monthly Horoscopes: November 2018

Your Monthly Horoscopes: November 2018


Scorpio season is in full effect, and with it, is a new moon in Scorpio kicking the month off on November 7.

Although new moons signify and symbolize new beginnings, the Scorpio's influence lends to this newness a state of confusion as well. Nevertheless, as we enter this new month and new season, accept that sometimes the hardest thing about beginning again is to actually start. So as you release, cultivate, and manifest, understand that a big theme of this month is the mantra "let go and let flow." Read on to learn what else November has in store for each sign.

Cancer (June 21-Jul. 22)

Laci Jordan for xoNecole

Oh my dear moon child. You may have been getting quite the hard lessons since this past summer. During this time, you are learning to be your own bad cop/good cop and it's making you wonder what the heck is going on in that brain of yours. Where is all the tough inner love coming from? Why are you being hard on yourself only to soothe your psyche later with your old comfortable habits? You can thank the planet of rules and boundaries for that. Good ol' dependable Saturn has been doing a number on you since it entered Cancer last summer. You may have been fraught with tension over not being "responsible". Or perhaps, one little mishap of parenting may have you feeling like a terrible parent. But rest assured, Saturn is also a good parent of the planetary system with its influence reminding us to persevere and take root. This is a time for you to understand your ability to take true account and responsibility for your actions and leave victimhood in the dust.

At work, you are learning how to become a self-starter. You may have noticed that you are left in the dark about certain procedures and maintenance. While you have usually rested your laurels on predictive environments, Saturn is unleveling the field and having you learn self-reliance and individualization.

All images by Laci Jordan for xoNecole