Prioritizing 'Me Time' Is How LeToya Luckett Balances Motherhood And Career
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Prioritizing 'Me Time' Is How LeToya Luckett Balances Motherhood And Career

Actress and singer LeToya Luckett is opening up about how she balances her career and motherhood.

The 42-year-old has been in the entertainment industry for over two decades, initially starting as a group member of Destiny's Child. Following her departure in the early 2000s, Luckett achieved success in her solo career by releasing three studio albums. In addition to her musical endeavors, Luckett also pursued acting. Since then, the "Torn" vocalist has starred in more than 30 projects, including films and television shows.

Over the years, as Luckett's career continued to blossom, the star welcomed two children, Gianna Walker, 4, and Tysun Walker,2, with ex-husband Tommicus Walker. In a recent interview with Raliegh, North Carolina's radio station K97.5, the mother of two shared details about what her day-to-day schedule may consist of when work is added into the mix and how she learned to prioritize self-care and her children.

LeToya On Balancing Her Career And Motherhood

In the July discussion, Luckett revealed that balancing her career and motherhood can be challenging at times, although she appears to have it all together.

"You know what I've always been asked how do you find balance. How do you keep it together when you're having to do all these different things?" she told the outlet. "You can try and find balance but actually finding it and being successful at it is super duper tough.”

Further into the interview, the Preacher's Kid star explained that prioritizing specific things like her well-being and her children has helped her learn to balance everything even when she has a job obligation.

"I don't even know if you can even do something like that because I think it's one thing to be able to prioritize things, especially on certain days," she said. "Like, I know I had the radio today, so I'm going to do this. Make sure I go to sleep on time so I don't regret it, but I'll see the kiddos later. So get in a nap. Make sure I find that me time so I could relax. So that I'm not going in there tired, being impatient doing all these different things."

LeToya On Prioritization

As the subject switched to the importance of prioritization, Luckett disclosed that it's been successful in her life because even when she would create a set schedule, it would be "thrown off track" due to other responsibilities.

"I think it is about prioritizing as best you can. I've tried to make the schedule for the day. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Life can life, and we find ourselves thrown off track. I would say take it minute by minute. Hour by hour," she stated.

Another lesson that Luckett has learned with balancing and prioritization is cherishing every moment that life has to offer, which includes accomplishing her goals and being able to do what she loves.

"Be present in whatever moment that you're in. Of course, when you're working, things are going to come up. But I'm just happy to be working," she said. "I'm happy that I get to dibble and dabble in all sorts of different things and do different collaborations... I'm glad I'm able to still share my gift. So I try to keep the best attitude that I possibly can, and I try to find balance. Sometimes I'm successful. Sometimes I ain't."

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