Jordin Sparks Reveals How Her Husband 'Empowers' Her & Dishes On Their Working Relationship
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Jordin Sparks Reveals How Her Husband 'Empowers' Her & Dishes On Their Working Relationship

Jordin Sparks rose to fame in 2007 when she was crowned the youngest American Idol winner at 17.

Since then, the singer and actress has dominated the entertainment industry by selling millions of records and starring in countless films. In addition to the professional success, Jordin, now 33, also created a family with her husband, Dana Isaiah, and their 4-year-old son Dana Isaiah Jr, whom she occasionally shows off on her social media page.

During a recent interview with People, Jordin shared details about her family life, including the bond she and her husband built through their love of music and how she balances motherhood and work.

Jordin On The Beginning Stages Of Her Relationship With Dana And How The Pair Became an A&R Team

While promoting her partnerships with Women Who Rock and Hard Rock Heals Foundation organizations, Jordin revealed that when she first met her husband Dana, they instantly hit it off because of the pair's appreciation for music.

Jordin and Dana's love story began in 2017 after the couple's mothers placed the two in a group message. The "Battlefield" vocalist mentioned that she was thoroughly "impressed" by Dana when she heard his music playlists as they took a road trip.

"When we first met, we definitely bonded over our love of music. He really impressed me," she said. "We went on our first little road trip, and he had the aux cord, so he was taking the music, taking us on this journey. I really appreciated how he was able to transition from one song to the next. I was like, 'You have a really good ear.' He was like, 'Oh, thanks. I love music.' But he wasn't thinking the way I was thinking where I was just like, 'OK, he's got a really good ear. He's got really good taste.'"

The couple's bond over music grew as they married in July 2017, so much so that they are now working together as an A&R team. The "One Step at a Time" songstress disclosed that the process gradually began during the pandemic when she and Dana started working together on music. Shortly after, the 30-year-old would become her A&R and manager.

Reflecting on her marriage and working alongside her almost six-year-old husband, Jordin stated she is "grateful" to have Dana by her side.

"We both just work really well together. We both have our core values, we love each other, we like each other — which is really important. I think we're stronger now. We definitely have a bond that nobody can take away. I'm just really, really grateful to have him by my side," the Sparkle star explained while also talking about how well they work together.

Another reason why they work well together, Dana empowers her and believes in her dreams.

"My relationship with my husband empowers me all the time. He definitely wants to see me shine," she said. "I've never had a relationship where I felt that they really believed in my dreams, that they really wanted to see those things come to fruition, that they really wanted to be like, "Hey, spread your wings and fly. Try this, and go for that part, or do this song, or go for that collaboration, or show a little skin." So, it's been amazing to have somebody who literally is just, "Whatever you want to do, I want to be there to help you do it." It enables me to have freedom in my creative process and my work that I haven't had before. I'm very empowered."

Jordin On Her Son And Being A Working Mother

Later in the interview, Jordin spoke about her son Dana Jr. The mother of one opened up about Dana Jr.'s personality and how she tries to enjoy every accomplishment he has. Jordin described the kindergartener as "fun" and a truthful person.

"He is very, very fun right now. He's in kindergarten, and man, he is just always learning something new, which is fun, but what's really been fun for me right now is seeing his personality come through," the singer said. “He is 100% his own person. He has his own thoughts, [and] he's got his own opinions. With DJ, you're never going to wonder what's going on. He's always going to tell you the truth, so that's been really fun to experience."

Jordin went on to say that one of the things she enjoys about raising Dana Jr. is the close bond the pair have developed. She even marveled that her son "cuddles" with her and tells her he loves her.

Near the end of her statement, Jordin shared how she's been able to be present in Dana Jr.'s life despite being a working mom. The actress revealed that because of her hectic schedule and the constant traveling, she prioritizes leaving "work at the door" when she comes home because she doesn't want to miss out on Dana Jr.'s "milestones."

"With the kind of job that I have, I'm traveling all the time and going to different places. So for me, I have to leave work at the door because I want him to know that I am completely present when I'm with him. We're learning every day because he is our first and only baby, and so every day is something new. Every milestone that he hits is new for us. We're all just trying to celebrate together in those moments," she said.

With these recent revelations, it appears that Jordin has found the perfect balance between her personal and professional life.

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