Her Weekend, Her Way: Makini Regal Martin’s Self-Care Non-Negotiables

Her Weekend, Her Way: Makini Regal Martin’s Self-Care Non-Negotiables

"Attending to my needs has made me more productive in running my business."

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As a part of our Friday Nights, Saturday Mornings feature, we're talking to some of our favorite boss ladies about their weekends, their way. How do they relax, recharge and refuel? As we all know, life shouldn't be all about work. It's what we do beyond business and career that help keep us motivated and able to dominate for the week ahead.

Say hello to event designer and lifestyle influencer Makini Regal Martin of Makini Regal Designs. Known for her luxurious decor and impeccable personal style, Makini opens us about why recharging is critical in her world, how she manages her many roles as a wife, mother, and businesswoman - and why therapy is a non-negotiable part of her self-care.

Courtesy of Makini Regal Martin

"I have to make sure that I have enough fuel to pour back into my business after attending to family needs is something I am continuously working on."

Makini’s biggest business challenge:

"Managing my roles and responsibilities are [some] of my biggest business challenges. As a new mom and semi-new wife, making sure that I carve out time for my family is a priority. Also, running the business I started prior to being married and being a mother is just as important to me. I have to make sure that I have enough fuel to pour back into my business after attending to family needs is something I am continuously working on."

How she spends her Friday nights:

"Friday nights has become a day I dedicate to myself. What gives me that recharge and what I need is to spend time with the people who know me best which are my girl friends. That's usually a night where we catch up, have dinner and have a glass of wine. Sometimes we incorporate some of our fitness and health activities - like going to a yoga or meditation class."

How she powers up on Saturday Mornings:

"Once my daughter is down, that's typically the time that I can spend checking emails, working on design plans and making sure that the administrative part of my business is addressed. I make sure that even despite some of my work responsibilities on Saturdays, I still do something that is enjoyable for me - whether it's watching a movie with my husband, journaling or meditating."

Courtesy of Makini Regal Martin

Her ideal girls' night:

"Since the new year has hit, I make sure that I'm keeping up with resolutions and doing the things that bring me joy and energy that I need to address other areas of my life. For us, that means a lot of health-related activities. We like yoga, meditation, or even spa days. We make sure to fit in a massage or facial. Even though it sounds superficial - when you feel and look good, you perform better. You're able to be more present in other areas of your life."

Makini’s favorite NYC restaurants: 

"Sugarcane (Park Slope, Brooklyn), Champs (Williamsburg), Peaches (Bedstuy), Beso."

Why recharging on the weekend is necessary:

"It's given me a sense of purpose. It's forced me to make sure that I'm really listening to myself and my body. It's also forced me to check in with myself mentally and make sure that I'm in a sound place in order to be able to perform in my many roles and responsibilities.

"Attending to my needs has made me more productive in running my business. It's made me more present when I'm focusing on being a mom or being a wife. Without a doubt, those things go hand in hand. You have to prioritize your needs and self-care despite how busy your schedule is to make sure that you are addressing you."

Courtesy of Makini Regal Martin

"Attending to my needs has made me more productive in running my business. It's made me more present when I'm focusing on being a mom or being a wife."

On the power of therapy:

"Part of my personal self-care journey also includes therapy. Therapy is not as taboo as it used to be, especially in our community. It's still something that I think a lot of Black women should utilize. Prior to giving birth to my daughter, I made sure that I entered into motherhood with that extra support of a therapist that I see weekly. It gives me that safe space to process my thoughts. It gives me the support that I need when life is a bit difficult. I did a lot of research to find a practitioner that would work well for me. I have a Black woman therapist. I've had therapists before and most of them were men or White. For me to have another Black woman as a therapist has been a bonus."

To check out Makini's work and learn more about her life as a lifestyle influencer, designer, wife, and mother - visit her IG @makiniregal@makiniregaldesigns

Featured image courtesy of Makini Regal Martin

Originally published on July 5, 2019

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