Goddess Box Braids Are Poppin' On IG & Here's What They Are

Goddess Box Braids Are Poppin' On IG & Here's What They Are

There is something about sunshine that makes me want to get my hair braided up. Braids are one of my favorite go-to protective styles and every summer I jump on a different style. Last year, it was faux locs; this year, I'm into goddess box braids, also known as bohemian braids.

For those of you that don't know, they are generally smaller box braids, left open-ended with curls. I guess an updated version or the "pick and drop" braids style we lived for in the nineties. My favorite version of the style has been waist-length, low density box braids with curly ends.

Goddess box braids have recently been seen all over Instagram on models, influencers and celebrities alike, including Jhene Aiko and Jordyn Woods. I predict this will be one of the key braid style this summer. I've booked my appointment for next month, get your bookings in!

Check out my goddess box braids style crushes for some inspiration:

Monica Veloz

Featured image by Jordyn Woods/Instagram.

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