19 Protective Styles To Slay All Summer


Spring may have come in a little late this year and proved to be more cold than warm, but that's okay because summer is officially on the way to (hopefully) give you all the hot temps and sunny skies you can handle.

Whether you are a member of #TeamNatural or simply want to give your strands a break this summer, protective hairstyles are definitely the way to go. Obviously, protective styles take the stress off of your real hair and promote the long-term health of it, but they are also good because a protective hairstyle allows you to experiment with your hair as frequently as you like.

If you've always wanted to try out a drastic hair color, length, style, or texture, a protective style allows you the freedom to make your hair dreams a reality—while giving your real hair a break in the process. Since summer is made for fun, we rounded up some of the hottest protective hairstyles, so you don't have to! Check out our picks and let us know some of the hairstyles on your summer must-try list in the comments.

1. Side Braids

Getty Images

Empire star Serayah McNeill ditches her signature curly locks for a sleek protective style that proves less is more. Hair extensions are added into hair that has been equally parted and braided off to one side. Tip: you can also do this with any individually braided hairstyle.

*Featured image by Getty Images

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