10 Workout Essentials You Need For Your Best & Most Consistent Fitness Season

10 Workout Essentials You Need For Your Best & Most Consistent Fitness Season

Ladies, it's about that time of the year, again. You know the time I'm talking about. The time where you've watched your winter become spring, summer, and fall; and you've suddenly come to realize that all of those resolutions you've made have been anything but resolved.

Those books that you planned on reading, are still collecting dust.

That hobby you wanted to pick up, is still waiting on you.

And that exercise plan you wanted…still remains there, mocking you, waiting to be picked up in the new year.

But, fear not. Despite it officially being hot girl fall, you still have some time to fall back into your workout routine. And in order to do that, you have to have the right equipment to kick off your victory lap.

Whether you're looking for the right shoes, or simply need the right attitude, here are the top 10 items you must have to ensure the best and most consistent fitness routine.

The Proper Fitness Shoes


Most workout routines are left behind, due to injuries caused by the workout routine, itself. At times, common injuries are created by using the wrong posture, pushing oneself too hard, or attempting to do too much too soon. Other times, injuries are caused by something simpler than that, like having the wrong shoes.

Wearing shoes that are incompatible with your workout routine can have you falling off your exercise plan quicker than expected. And it can even have you reconsidering working out all together. But no worries, this is an easy fix. Instead of heading to the gym or going on your run with the wrong shoes, find the one that is just right for your routine.

Regardless of your exercise plan, your shoes should have adequate room near the toe and your heels should have no room to slip. With running shoes, you want to have the best feature possible, meaning the shoes are light, comfortable, cushioned, and supportive.

For regular gym shoes, you'll want to have light shoes with great shock absorption, and durability. If you're one of those who hate light shoes, consider checking out the men's section for a heavier feel.

Top Workout Shoes to Consider:

Sports Bra: Support


The point of a sports bra is to provide worthwhile support, regardless of how rigorous the routine. Finding a sports bra can be overwhelming, especially if you're unaware of how to differentiate between an underwire, molded cup, removable pads, adjustable straps, etc.

Nevertheless, instead of running away from the endless amount of supportive bra options. Follow the guide below to help you lean into your bountiful options.


Underwires are the most supportive bras out there, and if you're a C or D cup, this is the type of sports bra you should consider. It helps reduce breast pain, by stopping your breasts from constantly moving up and down, and eliminates discomfort often caused by working out. Made specifically for high endurance workouts, it can help with the bouncing and rolling that inevitably occurs. Meanwhile, for A and B cups, this bra is a great option to control natural breast movement, but unless you're having an intense workout, it might not be needed.


Wire free sports bras aren't as supportive as underwire, and for medium or low impact workouts, that will do just fine. Wire-free sports bras are often compression style and instead of supporting your breasts, it presses them to your body. For A-C cups, this bra is always an option and welcomed during fitness activities like yoga or a simple gym routine.

Molded cups, removable cups, and adjustable straps aren't huge factors within your sports bra choice. Although it is important to know whether you want those features or not, this can be decided by what you like in a bra, rather than what your breast size is.

Clothing: Breathable, Sweat Resistant, and Odor Resistant


Instead of grabbing clothes from your closet or drawer that you're willing to drench in sweat, consider spending some coins on the proper fitness clothing.

While looking for workout clothes, you want to make sure that your fabric is breathable, sweat-resistant and odor-resistant. Cotton might be nice to wear during the day; it would be terrible to have during a workout. It retains moisture and makes your sweating more noticeable during the workout and can lead to a heavy amount of discomfort. When searching for fitness gear, you'll want to ditch the cotton and make sure that your clothes are quick-dry, with anti-odor fabric, and strategically designed with mesh construction. This will enhance your comfort during your workout, while keeping you dry and odorless.

Foam Roller


Most workout injuries stem from muscle tightness, which is caused by many lacking the proper stretching routine in the beginning and end of their workouts. This can cause serious injuries and can take you out of the gym or running trail longer than expected. To stop this, it about time you stretch, but it's also about time you've invested in a foam roller.

Foam roller are a self-myofascial release technique, in other words, it's a gift from God. The foam roller can smooth out hard knots created after a workout routine and can help loosen you muscles more than a stretching routine could. Foam rollers ease muscle pain, increase range of motion, reduces cellulite, relieves back pain, and most importantly, helps your muscles to ensure that you are injury-free.

With just an investment of $15-$30, you can save yourself an injury from yet another attempted workout. Whether you choose a smooth roller, textured roller, foam-cover massage sticks, or foam massage balls, there is a foam roller to help the fitness buff in you.

Pre-Workout and Post-Workout Treats


The purpose of a pre-workout meal is simple: to fuel your workout and give your body what it needs to perform. Often, people skip meals thinking it will help one lose weight more quickly, or they simply don't like eating before working out if they know they will want to eat afterwards. Regardless of the excuse, save yourself the trouble and prepare to have a meal, at most, an hour before your workout and, at least, an hour after your workout.

What you eat is up to you, just make sure that it is filled with carbs and protein for the best workout and the best recovery.

Gym Towel


I know, a gym towel? I get it, I hear your thoughts, but hear me out: everyone needs a gym towel. There is nothing worse than going to the gym and sweating profusely without something to ring it out in. And before you suggest your washcloth, or unused bath towel at home, treat your gym towel like you would your gym clothes. You don't want to bring your bath towel to the gym. Not only will you be carrying around a large towel around, but you would be carrying around a large wet, heavy, cotton towel, that absorbs everything and smells like it does, too.

Save yourself the trouble and consider picking out a gym towel that has microfiber or synthetic fabric, dries quickly, and resists odor.

Gym Bag


You see it. You want it. So, get it.

Gym bags are not only fashionable, but they are useful; and finding the right one for you is easier than you think. Whether it is a duffel bag, backpack, or tote, your gym bag can make all the difference in the world for your workout routine. It can get you motivated to crush your workout and it can have you taking your fitness game to new heights.

Plus, these bags eliminate your excuse for having to carrying clothes around all day, or a thousand and one objects by hand, into the gym.

Fitness Tracker


It's clear that inactivity can lead to innumerable health and personal issues, this includes weight gain, illnesses, and low productivity throughout your daily life. And becoming consistent with your workout routines (especially in the beginning) can be difficult, particularly if life manages to get in the way. So, instead of stressing about your workout routine, pre-meal, post-meal, clothes and everything else, take the stress of being consistent off your daily plan and invest in a fitness tracker.

Fitness trackers have become popular in the last decade, and this is due to it doing all of the hard work for you when it comes to keeping note of your health and well-being. It tracks your workout routine, your calorie intake, distance traveled, heart rate, and sleep. All you have to do is make sure it's on your wrist.

A Good Playlist


Listening to music when you head to the gym isn't revolutionary. But it could make your workout routine just that. Research consistently finds that listening to music distracts you from being aware of your body. Meaning you think less about how far you have to go, and instead anticipate the next tune coming on. Songs between 120 and 140 beats per minute per minute have been scientifcally proven to increase your workouts, so find your jam and play it until your ready to put down the weights.

The Right Attitude


Finally, the best thing that you can bring to your workout is great attitude. Despite what everyone says, working out does suck. I know this, and you know this.

However, the difference between those who maintain their fitness schedule and those who don't is how they address this realization. Working out is terrible, but you will feel amazing (and look amazing) afterwards. Know that despite not wanting to be at the gym, it's something you have to do and something that you should do to maintain your health. And the more you go, the less it'll suck.

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