Deray Davis, His Two Women & Why It's Important To Define Your Relationships
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Deray Davis, His Two Women & Why It's Important To Define Your Relationships

Plenty of men avoid claiming one woman while Deray Davis, comedian and star of Living With Funny, is claiming two, girlfriends Coco and Caro. The throuple, a three-person couple, has been happily existing for more than three years. Forget for a minute that many would consider their romantic situation a social taboo. All things considered, they are realistically in a successful, long-term relationship.

If you do your Googles, you may come across Deray’s ex, Claudia Jordan, who tweeted that their split was because “he had too many b-tches.” So, instead of cheating, Deray decided to keep it real. Who knows if this three-way love situation has more or less problems than a twosome. Either way, Deray's unapologetic approach to love will work for some people.

Here's why:

Relationships aren't always pretty.

Sure, the bae photos we rush to post to Instagram are cute as hell, but when the shit called life hits the fan, you better be in a situation that speaks true to who you are so you don’t lose yourself in the fray.

Relationships ,  specifically the relating part ,  are gritty and downright ugly at times. Therefore, you should only entertain a relationship that represents what you truly need. You may not need two committed lovers like Deray, but you should at least learn to accept your relationship exceptionalities.

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Some couples live in separate homes, others take separate annual vacations, and some decide to never have children. Their decisions may go against the norm, but one thing is certain :  at some point two people sat down and had a very honest conversation about what they need. And when you keep it 100 about what you're looking for in a partner, you're sure to find it.

We bend and break our own rules too often.

Plenty of women think a good man who is able to fully commit is a unicorn. We say we don't want this or that in a relationship when, in fact, often times, we less than our expectations in fear that speaking up will send him running to another woman's arms.

If Deray never spoke up and admitted to his penchant for variety, Coco and Caro would just be additions to the string of scorned women trailing behind him. Ladies, we need to be just as brutally honest about what we need. You can’t stay open to love if you’re not ready to accept your truths and stick to your "hell nahs."

Life shouldn't be harder than it already is.

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But it’s the time to fully embrace our Black Girl Magic, especially in relationships. It’s OK to love differently than other people. Gay, straight, trans, couple, throuple, situationship, monogamy — hell, some women have even married themselves (side eye). Be brave enough to own everything you want in love.

Customizing your relationships doesn’t have to be extreme. You don’t have to be willing to have a Friday night orgy just to exist in the fullness of your personal truth.

But you do have to be OK with yourself.

Be OK with who you may (or may not) find as you navigate through love’s waters.

Be OK with building something that may not fit into what’s expected.

Be OK with the growth that is supposed to happen when you love yourself enough to love someone else.

And if you feel so compelled , cop two boyfriends and see what it’s about.

Just make sure you report back to us! :)

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