Marsai Martin Shares How Her Television Co-Stars Helped Her Develop A Self-Care Routine
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Marsai Martin Shares How Her Television Co-Stars Helped Her Develop A Self-Care Routine

Actress Marsai Martin recalls the valuable tips she received from mentors Tracee Ellis Ross and Jenifer Lewis during their collaboration on the acclaimed sitcom black-ish, and how their advice has profoundly transformed her life.

The 18-year-old has been involved in the entertainment industry for over a decade after starring in various commercials and television shows. Martin became a household name in 2014 when she portrayed the role of Diane Johnson in black-ish.

The series, which ended in 2022 after eight seasons, followed Andre Johnson (Anthony Anderson), a family man that struggles with his cultural identity as he and his wife, Bo Johnson (Tracee Ellis Ross), raise their children, Andre Jr. (Marcus Scribner), Zoey (Yara Shahidi), Jack (Miles Brown), and Diane Johnson in a predominantly white neighborhood.

Over the years, as Martin grew up on the set, Ross and Lewis showed the star the importance of self-care and not being afraid to express herself. Those tips were a massive inspiration behind why Martin partnered with Clinique, a skincare and cosmetic brand. In a recent interview with People magazine, the Little alum opened up about the advice she received from Ross and Lewis about beauty and the lesson she's learned.

Marsai On The Advice Her black-ish Co-Stars Gave Her

In the July discussion, Martin revealed that growing up on set with Ross and Lewis helped her realize why it was essential to care for oneself, internally and externally, and how it could contribute to one's confidence.

"I always followed their routines when it comes to their own beauty inside and out," she told the publication. "I was lucky enough to be around amazing and empowering women who cared about their skin and who exuded nothing but confidence."

Further into the interview, Martin also shared she thought it was hilarious to see Lewis' skincare regimen and Ross use items like "gua sha tools and infrared light" to maintain her youthful appearance because she didn't have to go the extremes to get ready. Still, Martin was inspired to create her own routine over time when she came of age.

"It was hilarious because I would see everybody have their makeup and skincare done, and I was the only one with Chapstick and eyebrow gel," she said. "Being able to watch them for so long, I already knew what I wanted when it was finally my time to be able to express myself creatively in that way. Every time I was in the hair and makeup trailer, they had some type of scientific tools."

Martin wrapped up her statement by saying that despite the differences in the women's skincare routine, one particular thing that Ross and Lewis taught her was "protecting" one's skin the "best way" possible.

Marsai On The Lessons She's Learned Over The Years

As the topic shifted to her partnership with Clinique and the lessons she had learned since developing her regimen, Martin disclosed that taking care of oneself is as fundamental as finding one's voice and having the confidence to live purposefully.

"Nothing is more of a priority than your voice and the way that you look at life, meaning nobody can take away your point of view," she explained. "Always remember what you want first — just like we talk about skincare and our beauty routines. Using our voices, speaking our minds and being able to find our confidence aligns with all of that."

Martin added that taking the time to get to know oneself and incorporating a self-care routine could help eliminate the pressures of social media because, with that knowledge, it is impossible to have a clouded judgment that could "blur" what an individual may genuinely want out of life.

"I think as young girls grow up in this world of social media and having so many other voices consuming our own mind to where it kind of blurs the lines of what we really want, it is truly important to remember what you want first and where you come from," she said.

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