[Video] How Cassandra Freeman's Personal Life Relates To Aunt Viv On 'Bel-Air'
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[Video] How Cassandra Freeman's Personal Life Relates To Aunt Viv On 'Bel-Air'

If there is one thing that Bel-Air gets right about the reboot, it's their ability to capture the essence of our adoration for Aunt Viv. Played by Janet Hubert and Daphne Maxwell Reid in the original series, and now Cassandra Freeman in the reboot, the fact that her character translates so beautifully is one of the best features of the show.

This is largely due in part to who Aunt Viv was when brought to life by Hubert or Maxwell Reid, just as much as it has to do with who she has evolved into as Freeman. All of which have been a joy to watch.

While preparing for the role, Freeman pulled inspiration for her character from personal experiences – in Freeman’s case, it was remembering how her aunt, who is a prominent art collector, and uncle remained grounded among their elite circle of friends. She also pulled inspiration for her role from other women in the industry who shared this same set of values, including Jada Pinkett Smith , Michelle Obama , and Pauletta Washington--all high-profile women and mothers navigating society as gatekeepers to their families.

“There are a lot of women I’ve met in my career who have that feeling … they’re very much grounded in where they’re from, even though they’re surrounded by such opulence."

The actress discussed all the above in an IG Live exclusive with xoNecole , ultimately dropping gems along the way, specifically how being a working mom influences her approach to her portrayal of Aunt Viv in the series. "I think we're in a time where feminine energy is rising all over the culture right now, and it's also penetrating men's energy as well. I think there's a battle happening in the culture right now and what do we do with this feminine rising energy?"

How Cassandra Freeman's Personal Life Relates to Aunt Viv on "Bel-Air" www.youtube.com

She continued, "It's so hard to be a woman today still because statistically, it still states that women, even if they are the breadwinner, even if they are making the most money, they are still doing the cooking and cleaning and washing and nurturing. It's a heavy load and burnout is a real thing. I always tell people when I get a moment of peace, I don't know in that peace if I should take a nap but if I take a nap then I might feel guilty that maybe I should be playing with my son but maybe I should go get a pedicure or maybe I should be planning my next doctor's visit...Like how am I supposed to get everything in alignment?"

"They're just now admitting that when women have a baby, their brains change and they become like a different person so I think because we don't have any traditions to help lead women into this new life because we don't have that, it's very easy to get lost in this being my only job. It's the highest calling to be a mother, but the greatest calling is to be able to do both."

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