It's Official: Cargo Pants Are Back In Style


There are some trends that never go away and we are forever grateful for the cycle. Cargo pants is one of those trends. They have graduated to the 'ugly' family of trends and it may sound bad but it's a good thing; 'ugly' actually means 'poppin'.

Everyone yearns for pants with large pockets and the high-waist structure of cargo pants makes it flattering for every body type. I used to love stealing my baby brother's pair so that I could look cool like a 90s R&B; singer. Putting together a fire look with these functional and comfortable utility pants is easier than you think. Keeping contrasting, layering and proportions in mind is wildly essential.

Though cargo pants were originally designed for combat, we want to prepare you to kill it in these pants regardless of the occasion. Check out these fashionable ladies already sashaying in this season's must-have bottoms.


We are in love with Liz's silk cobalt blue pants. If you're opting for cargos with drawstring bottoms, we suggest wearing single sole sandals for sophisticated garb.

Featured Image by Getty Images

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