Tisha Campbell Presented Gabrielle Union With The Life-Changing Gift Of Therapy

Tisha Campbell Presented Gabrielle Union With The Life-Changing Gift Of Therapy

There’s nothing like having a support system that not only shows up for your public wins but pours into you behind the scenes. And actress Tisha Campbell, 54 is a beaming example of that.

During a recent segment on the daytime talk show, The View, Gabrielle Union opened up about how the courage she gained to be transparent about life’s toughest moment was initially sparked. Union revealed that when she was 28 years old, she was blessed with the gift of therapy sessions from Martin star, Tisha Campbell — the purest investment into one’s well-being.

“I was lucky to come up with some OGs that were very transparent and they were very honest and they were not interested in watching me fail or flail,” Union shared during the episode. “Tisha Campbell paid for therapy for me. That was not covered by Sag Insurance by the way, out of pocket, like 10 sessions. That’s the one who really has your back.”

“So when I got into a position to where I have a pretty large platform and have microphones in my face every day, do I want to lie to the people?” Union continued. “Or do I want to share the information and resources and how I got out of the darkness and into the light?”


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Early this month, Campbell joined The View to promote her new sitcom Act Your Age alongside Yvette Nicole Brown and Kim Whitley. During their segment, host Whoopi Goldberg inquired about what promoted Campbell’s heartfelt act to Union.

“It’s funny ’cause I didn’t even think she would remember,” Campbell recalled. “It was just a moment in time for us and I was like ‘please just take this gift. I want you to have it,’ because I want her to win. I want my sisters to win.”

Campbell continued, “I want us all to win. There’s so many pitfalls, there’s so many things. The fame monster is an ugly, ugly thing that one can get addicted to. I really really wanted her to be okay, not that anything was wrong. It’s just that I wanted her to be supported.”

The recollection of the moment brought on an emotional reaction from Campbell, as she acknowledged that she shed tears while watching Union reflect on that significant exchange.

“It’s not a competition… but it is a support system that I wanted her to have,” Campbell shared.

Union first made mention of Campbell’s generous act during a 2021 interview with Bustlewhere she reflected on the growth she’s seen in herself from the age of 28 to now. “It was around that time when Tisha Campbell saw that I was struggling. She gifted me sessions with a therapist, who is my therapist to this day,” Union said.

“It might be one of the single greatest gifts anyone has ever given me,” Union told the platform.

Sometimes the greatest thing we can receive is the gift of being seen in our lowest moments. When we have people in our corner who want to see us grow and walk in our purpose, it not only helps us evolve, but allows us to share our stories in a way that will impact those behind us. We go so much further when we have a sisterhood and our community rallying behind us — in other words, get you a Tisha.

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