Thinking About Getting Your Nipples Pierced? Read This First.
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Thinking About Getting Your Nipples Pierced? Read This First.

Nipple rings much like any other piercing on an erotic hotspot is branded as the mark of the freak. Obviously, I'm more sensible than that but there are others who are...not. While, I can't speak on the popularity of nipple piercings in the past, I can certainly attest to the fact that everybody and their mamas have nipples piercings or are seriously considering it (and this alone is how I know it has no bearing on the type of sex you're giving). Nipple piercings have been trending up since shortly before the period where I first got mine done, back in 2012.

It's fitting that this article found its way to me because, in my true nature, I became pretty critical of others seeking nipple piercings after getting mine pierced. And my biggest bone to pick would be those who accidentally end up with one nipple pierced. In my mind, there's no one other than me who should be writing to you in this moment to tell you alllllll the signs you should reconsider getting your nipples pierced, at least temporarily. And you know what? For all of our sanities, I'll keep it short and sweet.


Keep it Real or Keep it Trill 

I'm often asked about my own piercing experience as it relates to the pain and I can't state this enough: Girl, I DON'T KNOW YOUR LIFE. My body and my relational experience to pain is not yours. And vice versa. Much to the dismay of my close friend acting as my camera crew at the time, I barely flinched during my nipple piercing. I'm almost positive that's not consistent with the average person. So it would be misleading for me to answer your question.

What I will say is this: If your threshold for pain is so low that you won't be able to sit through getting a complete set, walk away. This is by far my biggest pet peeve -- being told that someone walked away with a uni-titty piercing because they couldn't thug out two more minutes.


I think I'm mostly writing to adults, so this feels necessary to say if you want children and are planning to have them in the near future. While many experts don't feel that having nipple piercings will impact your ability to breastfeed down the road, it's important to know that once you begin breastfeeding, you will need to remove your piercings. In my experience, with my nipples, my holes would close up in the span of a feeding, thus you may want to wait until after you're done breastfeeding to make the investment...just in case.

Also consider the fact that you don't want to have to repierce through scar tissue, a thought I'm currently facing since one of my rings fell out (and closed) after years.

But, What Was the Reason?

If you're part of the Booby Be-Gone Brigade, just don't. For the love of God, I don't understand getting your nipples pierced if you are a person who feels strongly that bras are necessary and not accessory. I encourage you to consider why it is that you want to add ornamental piercings if not to show the artwork off as often as possible. I'm a triple D with my nipples pierced and I'll be damned if I'm not in these streets bold and braless at every opportunity. You're sucking your teeth, rolling your eyes and going, "Duh, for the pleasure, girl." Well, allow me to make my next point. This stance may also have to do with my lacking sex life, as it would be 40 days and 40 nights before my piercings seen the light of day if I wasn't about that free the nipple life.

Under Construction

If you're someone who is considering plastic surgery, either now or in the near future, then I would say wait until you're post-op. In order for you to undergo plastic surgery, you're going to be asked to remove all piercings and jewelry, especially if you plan to have any work done to your breasts.

This is NOT a Man’s World

If you're solely doing this because your partner wants you to, this. Is. Not. For. You.

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