Jhené Aiko's Favorite Books Offer A Glimpse Into Her Healing & Spirituality Journey
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Jhené Aiko's Favorite Books Offer A Glimpse Into Her Healing & Spirituality Journey

Jhené Aiko and spirituality go hand-in-hand. That's why when she speaks up about her journey, the world stops and listens. Aiko has always been the gem that we can rely on to soothe our day and reduce us to a space of tranquility. Her ascension is enamoring, happily welcoming us along for the journey of love and peace on the search for love. For years we have thrown on her music for all life’s scenarios: happiness, anger, sexuality, and shit, just lighting some candles and downright enjoying being high.

Just this year, while everybody and their mamas are launching some kind of beauty line, the mother-of-two shared a new venture rooted in wellness and spirituality that centered on sound bowls, ranging from $700-$1,200. But Aiko isn't new to this spirituality ish, she's true to it. The 32-year-old even brought us along for the ride for her Grammy-nominated, Chilombo where she curated crystal sound bowls or “singing bowls” into each of the songs on the album.

Aiko used these sound healing bowls under each track to activate a particular chakra in the listener, which she elaborated on for GQ’s The Drop-In. “The bowls I use are not your typical white crystal bowls. They’re infused with different gemstones and minerals and metals. I have one that’s ruby and platinum, so the properties of the ruby are contributing to the vibrations of that particular bowl. They all sound different each time I play them.” She performed a melody of all the above in 2021 on her YouTube Channel.

Although the album is a great place to start for anyone interested in getting aligned with their own chakras, the good news is that she’s also shared a few books that she welcomes as resources to help her navigate through her spiritual journey.

Keep reading to learn why the songwriter believes these books could help us tap into our higher -- pun intended if you so choose -- selves.

'Becoming Supernatural' by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Of the book, she tells GQ, “This one is the most important one. The way that [Dr. Dispenza] writes and explains everything is so simple. He does a great job of explaining the mystical and the scientific. It’s a very easy read, with practical techniques to apply to your life. The power of thinking, the power of thought, the power of manifesting."

'No Death, No Fear' by Thich Nhat Hanh

”...This particular book, I got when I was around 17, and when my brother passed it was very helpful. He explains how there is no birth or death. Things manifest when conditions are right, and things go away when conditions are not right. And he just explains how everything exists because of everything else. So there is no me without you, there is no rain without the clouds, there is no paper without the rain. He breaks it down so beautifully and so poetically," she explains to GQ.

'Exploring Inner Space' by Christopher Hills and Deborah Rozman

”...It’s a bunch of games to explore your inner world. You’re supposed to do it in a group setting, between two to eight people. It’s broken down into the chakras," she explains. "...It follows the chakra system. Whoever wrote this book was really in tune with something. But it’s all very practical.”

Read the complete list of Aiko's favorite books over on GQ.

Featured image by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Jhene Aiko

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