Sex Won't Give You A Big Butt + Other Myths About Women's Bodies

Sex Won't Give You A Big Butt + Other Myths About Women's Bodies

Since the beginning of patriarchal time, men have policed women's voices, rights, bodies, and sexual identities.

You can imagine of course, that there have been many false belief systems that even some women still subscribe to. This piece will address and debunk five of the major misconceptions about the female form and psyche.

Women Being "More Emotional" Is Just As Biological, As It Is A Social Construct.

The former myth segues perfectly into my final point. Since, well - forever, I have heard that women are biologically more emotional than men, but just like our cultural reality needs to become balanced when it comes to feminism, the socialization of male and female traits will require the same shifting.

Ironically, the conditioning of men to be overly masculine, rigidly egotistical, and dominant breadwinners has created a monster called patriarchy, in which women are conditioned to be overly feminine, extra sensitive, and docile nurturers.

The idea of what makes a man a man and a woman a woman, is a completely fabricated social construct that keeps the world in a low frequency, dualistic, and hierarchical cycle...until now. As human beings understand the existence of both masculine and feminine energies within us all, we begin to shift a toxic paradigm into one that is truly equal.

And shake up some trite misconceptions in the process.

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