Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Declutter

Decluttering Is A Thing

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Whether it's your mind or your bedroom, clutter has the power to make any woman feel so overwhelmed (as if we didn't already have enough going on).

While the decluttering trend has been poppin for quite a while now, it's safe to say there is no better time than now to take it on. Taking a day to declutter your physical and mental space can make a world of a difference. This is coming from someone who loved to keep everything until I found out living a borderline hoarder life wasn't cute…so clean out, declutter, and refresh.

Here are some reasons you should think about decluttering your life ASAP:

Free Your Mind


The phrase is more than an En Vogue song that's still the jam to this day. But seriously, from clothes to unopened mail, to socks to blankets, having clutter in your home, car, and office space can make your mind feel cluttered too. And this isn't a one-and-done thing. You can't really free your mind without freeing your physical space, especially at home. There's a pretty big chance you'll feel like you have to go somewhere else just to obtain peace of mind and think, when the answer could be as easy as clearing out your area and making room.

Get That Beauty Sleep


Having clutter piled up has this weird way of making you always feel tired, but somehow, it never actually allows you to get any sleep. The nerve, right? I think we've all had that mess that we get tired just thinking about having to clean up. But, the effort it takes to declutter, even if you have to do one room or one space at a time, will be worth it when you can look at the same area that used to stress you out and breathe a sigh of relief before you get some much-needed sleep. Plus, how can you sleep with a pile of clothes and other unmentionables on your bed, floor, and everywhere in between?

Helps Decrease Anxiety


…And stress. Seriously, research has proven there's a connection between anxiety, stress, and the amount of clutter you have in your home. This has the potential to make you overeat, and just be an emotional eater in general, which not only makes you gain unhealthy weight but impacts your mental and physical health. On the upside, once you decide to declutter, your mood will be much better. I can attest to the emotion of having too much clutter and always feeling like you have to get your life together. But once you remove it, you'll be happier and might even be ready to have company without feeling like you have to throw everything under your bed and in the closet...or am I the only one who does that?

Focus On Fleek


Oh, the places you can go once you declutter. Instead of giving your attention to seemingly overpowering piles of items here and there, picture a clean and open space that will help you get inspired and motivated with ideas. Whether it's cleaning your kitchen to make a meal or cleaning out your office to get more done at work, decluttering will have your focus on 10. Now, you can finally tap into your creativity, be even more productive, and make clearer decisions.

Goals Don’t Seem Impossible


Decluttering can also help you set and reach goals. You probably know how hard it is to even try and accomplish anything when you have a pile of mess to focus on instead. If you clean out the clutter and replace it with items that inspire and motivate you, you'll be able to really take time to think about what you want out of life, and the goals and dreams you've been hoping to achieve. But, proceed with caution, because the items that inspire you can turn into more clutter, and you'll have to repeat the process all over again.

You Could Actually Save Some Coins

My Domaine

Having clutter around could actually be costing you money. Have you ever had that moment when you can't find your lipstick, or your favorite scarf, so you count it up as a loss and go buy a new one? It might not seem like a major life changing purchase, but that ish adds up when it comes to your coins and the amount of clutter you have. Plus, if you haven't embraced paperless billing and get your bills mailed to you, it will be easy to forget to pay a bill, and those late fees are no joke.

That Pile Can’t Keep Piling Up

Lili in Wonderland

And I say this out of love. But girl, if you don't take care of it, it will only get worse. And we both know that's not healthy for your mental, physical, emotional, or any other type of space you have in and out of your body. This was a reality I had to come to terms with too. As easy as it is to ignore the clutter and subconsciously make it bigger (because who has time to clean up?), it only makes things worse for every part of you. Seriously, I know how much of a chore taking the time to declutter is, but it will make a world of a difference.

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