These High School Sweethearts Have Kept Their Love Alive For Nearly 15 years

Our First Year

High school is one of the best moments of your life. You're young, carefree, and the world is literally at your fingertips.

While some of us use this as a time for exploration on all things professional to romantic, others luck up early on and discover just what they want out of life pretty much before the "real world" hits. As for these highschool sweethearts, Dani and TJ Byerson, it didn't take long after being introduced to each other, for them to know they were meant to be together.

These two met at a random afternoon park outing with friends. While they were both there just as tag-alongs for the other people they were with, in reality, this initial meeting would be the beginning of the first and last romantic relationship they would ever know.

The second TJ laid eyes on his now wife, Dani, he knew he had to make a move. And he did just that! The two began their relationship that summer and have now been together for 14 years. From teenage love, to college, to now being parents to a beautiful baby girl, the Byersons show that true love knows no age limit, and finding your soulmate in high school is indeed possible.

While some may believe puppy love is just something you experience while you're young and not actually real, the Byersons prove otherwise, and show how their young love has grown throughout the years.

But I know you're wondering, after all these years how does one still keep the love alive right? After all, they are both each other's one and only romantic partner.. EVER! How did they do it? "Communication! We talk to each other about what it is we want both romantically and sexually. We explore all of our wants and needs, always," Dani shared.

These two have taken the power of their communication and love story to create their own podcast entitled The Lovers Quarrel Show where they get real about marriage, parenting, and everyday life. While they know their relationship is far from perfect, communication continues to keep their love thriving and they just want to help other couples get better at communicating and problem solving as well. It's what has led these high school sweethearts to build a life together throughout these 14 years, and their love journey is just getting started.

This is their journey.

The One

Dani: I knew he was the one by how dedicated and committed he was to seeing us go the distance. You don't meet young men who are convinced of who they want to spend their life with, with such conviction. He loved me and respected me and wanted to be with me.

"You don't meet young men who are convinced of who they want to spend their life with, with such conviction."

TJ: Everybody loving her, my friends, family, and myself. Dani is an amazing spirit. She is a great conversationalist, and she is intelligent enough to speak in any setting. But the defining moment was when I had the ring purchased and we had a big argument a few days before I was set to propose. That argument could've changed my mind to proposing but it didn't. That's when I knew that this was forever.

Lessons In Love

Dani: Marriage is not a job, but it is WORK. But in loving one another, I am always willing to dust myself off and get back to working at it. Because I love him, and he loves me.

TJ: Make sure you are friends first. Dani and I were friends. So our relationship was built on our friendship. Make sure you can be friends with the person you love and plan to marry.

Deepest Fears

Dani: My biggest fear walking into marriage was how would things change? We had been together so long but were also so young, and I wondered how things would be different (in both the good and bad sense). The fear of the unknown did linger a little. However, I let that fear go by understanding that TJ and I had faced so many unknowns before this and came out stronger and for the better as a couple. So I knew marriage would be no different.

TJ: I had no fears. She was the one, I was ready. I had the perfect woman and I wasn't letting her go. My only fear would've been to lose her.

"I had the perfect woman and I wasn't letting her go."

Building Together

Dani: Some of our early challenges were adjusting to living together, alone. All the years prior, we lived together we had roommates as well, so no "buffer" of sorts when he and I were on the outs. I also realized how "not handy" TJ was around the house. I'd like to think I'm more of a "Mrs. Fix It" than him. (laughs)

TJ: We lived together before we were married, but me being junky is probably her biggest pet peeve along with my shopping habit.

Learning Each Other's Love Language

Dani: I think it was enlightening to have evidence of the differences between TJ and I as far as what love language we speak. It put into words that we feel loved in very different ways, which is truly validating. But, it took time to understand each other's love language and how to convey that type of love to each other. So often, we express love in the way that we wish to receive it, and then end up disappointed at the lukewarm reception we get as a result. But, like with many things, TJ and I get better with time and understanding and conveying love in a language that each other would truly appreciate.

"So often, we express love in the way that we wish to receive it, and then end up disappointed at the lukewarm reception we get as a result."

TJ: It's work, just like marriage. It's not a job but it is work. So we learned and relearned and communicated through the process.

Common Goals

Dani: We want to be happy and provide for our family in the best possible ways we can. Our purpose is to enjoy life while also being in service to others as well. Our individual goals serve that common goal in that they include obtaining a quality education, remaining continuously hard-working, and community service oriented.

TJ: Being the best versions of ourselves, providing a great future for our daughter and future children. We are working hard in our profession, educational, and everything else to better ourselves.

The Power Of Prayer

Dani: [In relationships] when things are good, pray. When things get tough, pray even more.

TJ: [In relationships] when things get hard you pray, the harder it is you pray harder. You have to be willing to work, it's not something you can give up on.

For more on their love story be sure to follow them at @Daniwrote and @Byerson4 or on their joint account @loversquarrelshow. Also be sure to tune into The Lovers Quarrel Show, for all things love, marriage and everyday life.

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