Here's Our Favorite Style IGs Of The Week: Vol. 3
Courtesy of @coco_floflo/Instagram

Here's Our Favorite Style IGs Of The Week: Vol. 3

The swag is astronomical.


When I was a little girl, I always admired the stylish Black women in my life. From the goings on at the beauty shop to the pews at church to the slayage at family gatherings, I always knew that Black women possessed something that no other species did. It's in the styling of our hair, the choice of accessories and prints, the mixing of textures that made the swag astronomincal. I don't know about you but I am grateful to my ancestors for passing that intrinsic style down to me and my homegirls.

Every week on xoNecole, we gather some of the flyest Instagram posts of the week to keep shining a light on Black women and their magic. This go-round, we know you'll be stunned by the getups these women conjured up. Keep scrolling for that heat!

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Featured image courtesy of @coco_floflo/Instagram