All The Summer Nail Trends You Need In Your Life Right Now

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Rihanna is the queen of all things beauty and style, and along with her brightly-colored summer makeup collection and new luxury fashion line, she also debuted another summer trend that will accent your bold seasonal look.

Recently, the singer appeared in a new ad for her luxury brand FENTY with a fresh set of lime green claws that are sure to be this season's hottest look. This spring, rainbow nails took social media by storm, but now, it's time to put away the pastels and look forward to rocking a set of neon nails that will light up your summer.

Is it me, or do fingers look more like Vienna sausages without the help of a fresh set of acrylics? Never fear, xoNecole is here with a whole heap of summer nail art inspo that you'll be dying to sink your hooks into. The best part is, many of these looks will look great no matter how long your claws are and are likely available in a press-on set.

Along with neon nails, here are a few other summer nail trends that will have you feeling like all that and a bag of chips:

Polka Dots 

Something about polka dots just says "fun," but you can intensify this look by adding contrasting colors to your otherwise monochromatic set.

Featured image by Instagram/@badgalriri.

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