5 Lowkey Travel Destinations To Satisfy Your Wanderlust

5 Lowkey Travel Destinations To Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Popular tourist destinations like Cancun, Miami, and Montego Bay are great options to party, meet people, and soak up some sun. But sometimes seclusion far from the hustle and bustle of your typical vacation is just what the doctor ordered.

Let's face it, between family, work, school and other activities in our day-to-day lives, we're always on the go. And although resorts and tourist attractions get the relaxation vibes going, a getaway to an off-the-beaten path destination also has the inherent ability to recharge us all - mind, body and spirit. So this time around, there are no tour guides, no nightclubs, no foam parties, and definitely no electronic devices needed.

Here are 5 lowkey travel destinations to satisfy your wanderlust:

Holbox, Mexico

As Tulum, Mexico becomes more saturated with tourists, many people who want to take in Mexico's serenity are migrating to the tiny island of Holbox (pronounced 'HOL-BOSH'). Located northwest of Cancun, this car-free (actually CARE-free and CAR-free) island is the epitome of simplicity. Fly in to Cancun and have a travel company make the 2-3 hour drive to Chiquila where a ferry awaits to take you to paradise. Feel free to fish with the locals, do some exotic bird watching, take a gourmet cooking class at the fabulous CasaSandra Hotel, or hop into a golf cart and explore the length of the 26-mile-long island. 3-star hotels start at less than $100 per night. Visit Holboxisland.com.

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