12 Black Women Athletes That Are Dominating In Sports
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12 Black Women Athletes That Are Dominating In Sports

When it comes to women's sports, many turn a blind eye to their accomplishments. Nevertheless, with the most recent United States Women's National team (USWNT) win at the FIFA World Cup and the noise made at Wimbledon, it's about time we put a little respeck on the names of black women taking their sports by storm.

Here are the 12 black female athletes who are changing their games.

Sloane Stephens

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Turning pro at the age of 15, Sloane Stephens rose to fame at the 2013 Australian Open when she defeated the then-world No. 3 Serena Williams. Since then, Stephens has won the 2017 US Open and is currently ranked No. 9 in the world. Although she lost in the third round of 2019 Wimbledon, Stephens has the ability to hit powerful winners as she takes large swings with her forehand. Considered one of the best up-and-coming players, Sloane is known for her nonchalant mindset when playing tournaments. Instead of dwelling on her losses or disappointments, she strives to "keep improving and getting better" when it comes to future tournaments.

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