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You're a goddess on a pedestal, and you deserve only the best there is to offer.

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You're a goddess on a pedestal.

You no longer put yourself last, you come first. Always. And you're at your best when you love yourself unapologetically. Whether it's sipping your favorite glass of wine in your sexy PJs with Sade crooning in the background or exploring the depths of yourself, love, you are the prototype, and you deserve the best there is to offer.

At xoNecole, we want you to join us on a journey of healing and sexual empowerment as we embrace parts long forgotten. Reignite your innate desire for love, attention, and affection that have been buried under the weight of taking care of family, being the strong one for friends, or the boss chick at work. Through our upcoming intimate, sensual sessions you'll reawaken your feminine power as you learn to incorporate pleasure in every aspect of your life.

But First...


This Friday, July 10, Pajamas & Lipstick is back and we are diving into the depths of our sensuality and embracing our divine femininity as we join Starz for the premiere of P-Valley, a show where the stages and the women who work them come to life.

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During this special Girls Night In, we'll shed the shame of our sexuality and reconnect with our bodies through sensual movements as Nicole The Pole guides us on a journey to loving our whole selves, unapologetically. Learn what it means to truly be sexually free and unearth parts once suppressed on a self-discovery journey with sexuality doula Ev'Yan Whitney. And after the foreplay, join Pleasure Coach Tyomi Morgan for a night of erotic positions and shameless self-pleasure as we master ourselves in and outside of the bedroom.

A night of sensual liberation and erotic empowerment is just what the doctor ordered, and this medicine will have you and your lover begging for more!


Limited tickets are available!

Registration is free!

Also note: Our Pajamas & Lipstick stream is best experienced via laptop / desktop computer and on a Google Chrome Browser!

Click here to RSVP for your free ticket!

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