Ayesha Curry Reveals New Cookbook Cover + 5 Recipes We Hope To See
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Ayesha Curry Reveals New Cookbook Cover + 5 Recipes We Hope To See

Mrs. Curry with the pot!

I've secretly attempted recipes I've come across on Twitter from the kitchens of Resha of “Carnel Dish” (@KanYeBreast) and Angela of “The Kitchenista Diaries” (@MissAngelaDavis) and I'm still trying to perfect my throw-down in the kitchen skills. I'm always looking for new ways to impress my partner who still prefers his grandmother's cooking over mine, and it's through these women and eyewitness accounts in my own family's kitchens that I've been attempting to do a little something-something in my own home. I'm always looking for something new, and I think I've found it!

Ayesha Curry’s prepping for the release of her first ever cookbook and we’re already going, “Chef Curry with the pot, girl!” The mommy of daughters, Riley and Ryan, and the real-life basketball wife has been throwing down in the kitchen way before Steph scored a NBA ring last summer. From the looks of her uploaded photos on the ‘gram, it’s probably one of the reasons why the baller put a ring on it–the way to a man’s heart is through food.

Ayesha’s the face and culinarian behind CSN Bay Area’s cooking show, Cookin’ with the Currys, where her daughter Riley has made an appearance.

A few days ago, the beauty revealed the cover for the anticipated foodie manual and of course it embodies everything about her. Family & food.

Mrs. Curry’s been advertising just how she throws down in the kitchen through her YouTube and cooking blog, Little Lights of Mine. She's also previewed some of her best dishes and drinks on IG, and to say mouth-watering, would be an understatement:

Lamb Chops

Salt Baked Trout

Ayesha Curry's Peach Basil Cocktails

While we wait for her first cookbook to hit bookstores nationwide, we’ve gathered five of Ayesha’s recipes we hope make its way to the pages. From an oatmeal that’ll make my picky children think twice about saying yuck to oat porridge, to pastas for lunch and almond pound cakes for dessert, Ayesha Curry’s about to make her way to our kitchen and we hope yours, too.

Photo Credit: littlelightsofmine.com


 Warm Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal

Ayesha said this one is like apple pie for breakfast, so that’ll be what I’ll tell my sons (and myself when I need something sweet in the morning). Her recipe is a mixture of sweetness and the woody scents of cinnamon and nutmeg with the mushiness of oats. The photo alone gives me hunger pains, so we’re hoping the recipe will be found in The Seasoned Life to have on deck at any time in the AM. Check out the recipe here!

Warm Rum Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Three of our favorite things in one–rum, chocolate chip, and banana bread. Why wouldn’t we want to know the deets on this one? Ayesha gave the world a sneak peek last week on her Instagram account and her point about shedding some more pounds post-baby Ryan, but still indulging in some warm bread is the green light I needed in the middle of this “diet” I’m on. If Ayesha can, I can too, right?

Everything in this photo

I eat with my eyes and I can easily say, I love food with color! Chef Curry’s lemon glaze, shrimp and crab pasta in a homemade cream sauce with lemon zest and pink peppercorn looks good (and sounds nice rolling off the tongue)and is just it. I’m certain this one doesn’t take too long to make, but in case it does, that glass of wine will come in handy. The lemon glaze on the almond pound cake gives us that illusion of tasting something like heaven in your mouth, so we’re looking forward for tips on that one as well.

Photo Credit: @ayeshacurry on Instagram


All lamb everything

I’m a lover of all things lamb, so when I went digging around Ayesha’s pages, I saw a mention of a lamb and beef ragu and a video of Ayesha making a quick and easy dish of lamb chops with a fig balsamic vinegar dipping sauce. The meatiness of lamb adds to any dish, as well as, is sure to get leave you full (if done right). We’re crossing fingers for the ragu recipe in The Seasoned Life.


Seafood is the way to my heart and a combination of shrimp, chicken, and chorizo (spicy Spanish pork) in a saffron rice is an entire meal in itself. I’m not sure if Ayesha threw mussels in this one, but the texture and taste of the ingredients she used for her dish makes for a great Sunday side dish. Paella isn’t an instant type of rice that takes about 10 minutes to make, but the time and effort it takes to perfect this one, is worth every minute if done right. Ayesha, we’re hoping you stuck this one in somewhere!

What are you hoping to see in Ayesha Curry's cookbook? Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter @xonecole!

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