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To say that this Gen-Z power player is taking the entertainment industry by storm is not only a clever pun, but the truth to say the least. The 19-year-old launched a bathing suit collection with PacSun. She has been featured in project after project consistently from her role as Gia in Euphoria to her latest appearance in HBO Max’s record-breaking series The Last of Us, and she’s a full-time sophomore at the University of Southern California. Damn, what can’t Storm Reid do?

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Effortless grace, undeniable natural beauty, and a voice hand delivered by God and his angels themselves are just a few of the notable ingredients that make up Jordin Sparks. The former sixth-season American Idol winner - who made history as the youngest winner of the entire franchise at just 17 years young - has gone on to release hit after hit, marking her territory as a key voice in the 2010s R&B scene with “Tattoo,” “One Step At A Time,” “No Air,” and “Battlefield.” Now, the Sparkle star has added a few new titles to her resume, including wife, mother, and Cantu Beauty ambassador.

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Recently, we heard that Keke "Keep a Job" Palmer launched her digital network KeyTV. Today, xoNecole has the exclusive first look at the first series on KeyTV, Heaux & Tell.

Written and created by Nakia Stephens and executive produced and developed by Keke, "Heaux and Tell follows the misadventures of three best friends who dive headfirst into provocative and ridiculous new experiences. A 7-episode scripted show featuring a BIPOC cast of talent and behind-the-scenes creators who helped bring it to life, the series offers this generation a real take on sex, sexuality, and sisterhood."

"KeyTV is about bringing new perspectives to the table and platforming creators who have something to say," Keke tells xoNecole of why she chose Heaux & Tell. "Overall, I want the network to deliver content that is relatable to our generation with characters you feel like you know, and Heaux & Tell, our first scripted series, delivers on that and more. The series takes the audience on a wild & seriously unexpected ride through the eyes of three Black women and best friends who don't always have it together in their relationships, at work, or even with each other but are doing the best they can. It's a show that I'd watch with my friends because it's about real characters dealing with their problems, their wins, and their lovers in real-time – and having some real good messy fun along the way."

Watch the trailer below:

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Da’Vinchi has appeared in many television series such as All American and Grown-ish but it was his role in BMF as Terry Flenory that helped propel his career forward. Since starring in BMF, he made his Broadway debut with Thoughts of a Colored Man and is currently shooting an undisclosed movie in Vancouver. The 26-year-old actor is beginning to see the fruits of his labor and so it’s hard to imagine that he almost went in a different direction. Da’Vinchi spoke with xoNecole’s Dana Blair for our xoMan series about acting, being a sapiosexual, and protecting his peace.

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Ever since the preview of The Woman King made its rounds on the internet earlier this year, leaving us in awe, we have been impatiently waiting for the film to make it to theaters. Well, the time has come, and we are honored we had the chance to preview the remarkable depiction of one of the most powerful states in Africa, Dahomey.

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Breaking actress Nicole Beharie was only recently informed that a clip of her in the Black Mirror "Striking Vipers" episode keeps resurfacing on social media three years after the episode first aired on Netflix. When asked about it during the press cycle for her latest film, she seems stumped about what draws fans to this particular performance.

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