Want to capture the perfect picture on one of your most important days?

Well, a little hint: You may have to actually put your phone away!

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Imagine being told that you're not good enough. That your kinks and coils--the completely natural version of yourself--are only accepted when there's a quota to meet, and that the likelihood of you being on the cover of a magazine is few and far between.

For many models of color, walking into a room for casting calls is often a fight to celebrate the spectrum of beauty in a world that gives more applause to straight hair and porcelain skin. But while being true to oneself hasn't always been in fashion, Ebonee Davis is out to change the rules and defy the stereotype.

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Sometimes you've gotta dress for the part you want, even if you don't know where you're going.

Imagine creating a faux ad campaign for Fenty Beauty in hopes of getting the attention of Rihanna and boom — you catch the attention of Big Sean in the process.

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