Youtube & Chill: 8 Black Youtube Series You Should Get Hip To

It is so hard to find a show with people who are minorities, written by minorities, and touch on a variety of different issues that interest

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I love TV, but let's be real--it is so hard to find more than a handful of shows with people who are minorities, written by minorities, and touch on a variety of different issues that interest us and make us look normal. My boyfriend introduced me to a couple shows and then from there, we were on the hunt together for more shows that showcase people who look like us with topics we were interested in.

Which brought me to Youtube.

I love celebrating those creatives who bring me interesting content, and the temperatures are dropping so why not get into YouTube and chill?

Here are some some of my favorite shows created for us and by us to cuddle up to with bae or host a girls night--wine and all.

First by Jahmela Biggs

If you love the movie Love Jones, you will love this show. From the creator of ABG, Issa Rae brings us this new series. First reunites former flames Robin  and Charles after Robin has moved back home from New York to focus on her writing full time, while Charles stayed in their hometown to become an activist in the community. Watch these two go through their firsts as a couple.

Close Friends by Ricky W. Jean Francois

This show presents everything from friendships, situationships, and all that falls in between. From friends turning into boyfriend number two, to college friends figuring out if they are meant to be,  and even more drama throughout. Production isn't always on point, but they are working with limited funds. Further into the series, the production levels improve. This show has also won a couple of web series awards, and it is highly addictive.

Choir by Issa Rae

A dramedy that follows the United Church of Holy Christ in Fellowship's choir as it recovers from the death of their beloved lead pastor and their struggle to keep the doors open thanks to a financial crisis facing the church and lack of attendance at the services. This series touches on many issues such as, homosexuality and the Black church, lust, addictions, and more.

Mind of a Single Male by Geno Brooks

Emotionally scorned, Chase Hall is going through the motions of recovering after failed engagement. Throughout the series, Chase give his knowledge on single men and their thought process when dating. Definitely an interesting series to see how some men showcase their pain through hookups.

SEXLESS by Leah Williams, Ester Weithers, and Numa Perrier

Sexless follows four twenty-something women who choose not to have sex for various reasons, but they are still trying to date in a world that is pretty sex-filled world. It is like Sex in the City, but without the sex. While you can catch a few "minisodes" on YouTube to whet your appetite, you'll have to sign up for a paid subscription on BlackandSexy.tv in order to get the full episodes.

Chef Julian by Ester Weithers and Dennis Dortch 

Chef Julian, a SEXLESS spin-off, details the dating adventures of Julian, who is trying to become a chef but juggling multiple women in the process of trying to figure out what he wants out of a relationship and a partner.

How Men Become Dogs by Marc Cunningham

This series follows three men on the heels of terrible breakups from their unappreciative girlfriends. They all decide to enroll in class that teaches them to become the kind of "dogs" women can't resist.

Dear Future Wife by McKinson Souverain

Dear Future Wife follows the life of Brandon, who is completely awkward with the ladies, but a sweetheart. He is trying to find a partner in life, and is on a a journey to find the right one. Watch to find out if he will find wifey before the end of the season.

Sidenote: All these series have an option for you to become a patron to their efforts. Putting out these web series take time and more importantly money. If you like what you see, by all means donate $5 or more to keep the content rolling in.

What are you favorite shows on YouTube?

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