Things Our Parents Never Told Us About Sex

It's getting a little steamy at Happy Hour this week...

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It's getting a little steamy at Happy Hour this week... And we are covering sexuality!

Last week, T.I. set social media ablaze when the rapper revealed that he accompanies his teenage daughter to the gynecologist to confirm her sexual purity.

Inspired by the controversy and the stigma around sex when raising young black women, the xoNecole Happy Hour squad got down and dirty this week by sharing how talks with their parents as teenagers (or lack of) influenced their sexuality into adulthood. Sheriden keeps it real about her first masturbation experience at the age of nine, and how it opened her up to a world of pleasure and living a sex-positive life. Necole shares how a sexual experience left her feeling dirty, and why she wasn't comfortable in her sexuality until she was well into her 30s. And Amer reveals how she had a 10-streak of O's during one of her best sexual encounters yet.

If there is a lack of discussion around sexuality with your friends or family members, this is a discussion you don't want to miss!

Show Notes

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Things discussed in this episode:

  • How the women were first introduced to sex
  • Learning about becoming a woman and body changes
  • What makes you feel empowered during sex?
  • How Amer plans to discuss sex with her son
  • Why is sex shame a thing and where did it start?
  • Sexual fantasies
  • Best and worst sexual experiences

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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