6 Fashion Lines Every Curvy Girl Needs To Know About


If we're honest, it seems like being curvy is the new black.

While this is a great boost of self-esteem, the reality is that it's also still pretty difficult to find cute clothes that fit and even more difficult to find ones that don't cost an arm and a leg because of the horrible stigma that more material equals more money.

As a woman who has learned to embrace all my curves and edges, I'm so happy that plus size and curvy clothing options finally consist of more than frumpy ruffle shirts and graphic tees. The industry has come a long way and I for one am relieved that we finally have many more options to choose from. Here are a few curvy girl lines not only have super cute pieces, but are affordable too. And that, sis, is the definition of a win.


Who better to design a clothing line for curvy women other than one of all our faves, Gabi Fresh?

Gabi and her partner, Nicolette Mason, co-founded Premme, and let me just say it's like Heaven. It's easy to get lost in super cute items on their Instagram page. And the same holds true for the fashion line's website.

Gabi and Nicolette are consistently breaking barriers and stereotypes about curvy women and fashion; and it transcends into their clothing line. On their website, you can find an assortment of adorable two-piece rompers and sheer tops that will help any girl channel her inner sexy. To say curvy women have been waiting for and deserve a line like this is a major understatement.

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