How To Level Up Your Wardrobe for Your Dream Job

In order to level up, you have to dress for the level you're expecting.


A few Sundays ago, my pastor Toure Roberts spoke about the power of atmosphere. One of his keys was to "act on the level you're expecting." That was immensely powerful to me because many times our expectations hinder us. If you're expecting to the be the next CEO or Founder, then you MUST act like the next CEO and Founder.

This includes bossing up your wardrobe. You gotta let go of those granny sweaters and boring skirts. Fall is approaching, and it's the perfect time to start integrating new, popping looks.

Fashion girls around the world always abide by these style commandments:

  1. Ignore the Rules
  2. Pick Your Passion
  3. Always Look for Inspiration
  4. Be Open to the New
  5. Keep it Strategic When Shopping
  6. Embrace Your Go-To's

So with those commandments in mind, let's take a note from the Book of Ciara, and let's "Level Up" with these work wardrobe outfit inspo.

Nothing says risk-taker like a woman who wears a bold print from head to toe. Miss Angela Rye is no stranger to a wardrobe slay. She exudes her boldness from interviews to her outfits. Ask any CNN worker!

Featured image via Giphy

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