What The Mercury Retrograde Means For Your Zodiac Sign


We're currently in the midst of our first Mercury Retrograde of the year. The planet of communication, learning, and travel has dipped back into dreamy, intuitive Pisces until the 28th of the month. Expect a dip in your energy levels now that we have quite a few planets in this sign, including the Sun and Neptune, which can make our minds a little foggy. You may feel a lack of direction right now due to the Piscean mutable energy. However, you are encouraged to surrender to the flow right now as this Mercury Retrograde gifts you the opportunity to reconnect with your soul and to receive the next steps for your journey.

Be gentle with yourself and others, as this is a highly sensitive time. Focus on developing your psychic gifts through meditation, divination, or dream work. Your inner world will be very active over the next few weeks. Try to keep a journal to record your experiences or to simply release the overwhelm of emotions that you're feeling during this empathic time. Overall, this Mercury Retrograde can be a beneficial factor in helping you gain the closure you need surrounding situations in which you've played the role of victim or martyr. It's time to revamp your perspective when it comes to using boundaries that empower you and contribute to healthier interactions with others.

Check out the horoscopes below to help you navigate this Mercury Retrograde:


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The next few weeks gets even more emo for you with Mercury transiting through your sister sign. As if you aren't experiencing enough of the feels during Pisces season, here comes Mercury pulling you deeper into the depth of your emotions. On a lighter note, this can be an extremely romantic time that helps you get more clear about your feelings for someone. There can be temptation to return to the past, however, once Mercury goes direct you may regret your decision to do so. The fogginess of this zodiac season can elude to deception if you fall into the shadow side of this energy. Hold off until April to recommit to anyone from your past.

If you're not interested in romance, this Mercury retrograde encourages you to get creative. It's time to reconnect with your inner child and the things that light up your world with joy. You're never too old to pursue your heart's desires—even if it starts out as a hobby. You have to start somewhere but you don't necessarily have to end up anywhere either. Don't put too much pressure on yourself with an end goal of becoming the next platinum-selling recording artist. Just surrender to the liberation that comes from creating and expressing your soul's essence.

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