What Does 'Trap Queen Mean'? Blake Griffin And & Few Others Try Decoding The Lyrics

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Blake Griffin on Clevver Tv Breaking Down the Meaning for Trap QueenBlake Griffin Trap Queen Lyrics Break Down Blake Griffin Breaks Down Trap Queen Lyrics 2

Question: What's a 'bando' and why are we letting her "hit it?"

How many of us sing along to a catchy song only to find out later we didn't have a clue what we were talking about? (cues "Truffle Butter.")

Recently NBA star Blake Griffin found himself in the middle of a game, but not necessarily of the basketball sort. During a recent episode of Clevver TV, the LA Clipper and a few other unsuspecting pedestrians were asked to break down the meaning of rapper Fetty Wap's hit song "Trap Queen" and we must say, Blake sort of nailed it (while also succeeding in giving us a good laugh).

Although by now most of us may or may not have pretty much figured out that the term "to trap" is slang for referencing "to sell drugs," it was hilarious having a few people try to piece together the meaning of the actual rap lyrics, which go a little something like this:

"I'm like 'hey, what's up, hello'

Seen yo pretty ass soon as you came in the door

I just wanna chill, got a sack for us to roll

Married to the money, introduced her to my stove

Showed her how to whip it, now she remixin' for low

She my trap queen, let her hit the bando

We be countin' up, watch how far them bands go

We just set a goal, talkin' matchin' Lambos

Got 50, 60 grand, 500 grams though

Man, I swear I love her how she work the damn pole

Hit the strip club, we be letting bands go

Everybody hating, we just call them fans though

In love with the money, I ain't never letting go..."

When asked to explain a verse or two, a few guesses went along these lines:

What Exactly is a "Trap Queen"

- Is a trap queen is someone who traps lobsters?

-He is kind of talking about like, a bad ass b*tch!

- A queen who dances really well.. to trap music?

On the meaning of the verse: "Married to the money introduced her to my stove."

Girl 1: She is interested in someone who is good with their money. And she's probably a good cook, maybe she went to culinary school?

Girl 2: Since she's married to Fetty's money, she has to cook for him now.

Guy: He sold drugs and he shows this girl- 'Hey, this is how I cook the drugs!'

 What kind of drugs do you think they are?

Guy: Probably like pot brownies.

Blake Griffin on Clevver Tv Breaking Down the Meaning for Trap Queen 6

Too funny!

According to online, lyric decoder, Rap Genius (we added a little extra information in parenthesis)

A “Trap Queen” is a gratifying tale of Fetty Wap (a drug dealer)and the three things he loves the most: his money, the bando (short for "abandoned" home usually used for selling and/or doing drugs out of), and his girlfriend, the Trap Queen(whom also sells drugs).

FYI: RapGenius.com was founded and created by a group of college students from Yale.

Earlier this year, Fetty spoke to Complex about the inspiration for the song, explaining that at time, he'd had a girlfriend whom he taught how to sell and "cook" coke (hence the stove), and that in turn, she contributed in helping run his illegal drug business.

I was just dealing with somebody at the time, and she was holding me down. We were building a lot, and I came up with the concept. She was my trap queen."

And to think kids are singing this song.

Check out the video below:

Bonus: Ed Sheeran recently did a flawless rendition of the trap record as well, alongside The Roots, at the Tonight Show:

How many of you rap or sing along to lyrics despite not having a clue what you're talking about?

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