This Is How You Snag An NBA Player As Your Prom Date

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Detroit Pistons Andre Drummond Goes to Prom with High School Student Raquel Smith 2Detroit Pistons Andre Drummond Goes to Prom with High School Student Raquel Smith

When you slide up in your NBA crush's DM's to ask him to prom and he responds with contest rules and regulations...

Challenge accepted.

Prom was turnt for one high school girl who managed to get the attention of her dream 'bae.'

Earlier this year, a West Bloomfield Highschool senior by the name of Raquel Smith took to Twitter to ask Detroit Piston's Andre Drummond to prom. And while most major "Prom-posals," have been teen boys going out of their way to ask young girls for their hand in prom, Raquel flipped the script on 'em,  by sliding into the 21-year-old NBA star's Twitter inbox, and asking if he would do her the honor of being her date . The exchange, which happened all the way back in January, went something like this:

Raquel: How Many RT's do I need to take you to prom?

Andre: 12K.

You have 2 weeks.

Detroit Pistons Andre Drummond Goes to Prom with High School Student Raquel Smith Tweet 1

Alright now! And although Raquel fell a little short of the required 12,000 re-tweets (she got about 11,800+) Andre gave the Michigan native a 'Yay' for effort and escorted the young lady to prom. How dope! Once there, Andre stayed for a couple of hours and was pretty friendly, taking photos with all the students and of course, the faculty and staff in attendance.

Detroit Pistons Andre Drummond Goes to Prom with High School Student Raquel Smith 4That footwear though!

Andre Drummon prom 3

But let's stop to talk about how these students prom bills are getting more and more expensive.  Apparently, Andre's Porsche wasn't even the most expensive car there.  According to the Detroit Free Press:

“He didn’t even have the nicest car there,” Watson joked. “We had a couple of Bentleys. My favorite was a convertible Rolls-Royce with Illinois plates. We had three students who came in Tesla cars.”

Must be nice!

By the way, this isn't the first time Andre got a date from Twitter.  Back in 2013, the baller pursued Nickelodeon star Jeannette McCurdy on the social network by making her his #WCW and the two began a very short-lived relationship shortly afterward.   This time around may be a little more innocent.


Meanwhile, something must certainly be in the waters of West Bloomfield High- this is the second celebrity guest in two years that a student has managed to snag as their date. Back in 2013, a 19-year-old senior by the name of Anthony Nelson caught the attention of Basketball Wive's Evelyn Lozada, in which a then 37-year-old Ev was more than happy to attend, seeing as to how she missed her own prom back in the day due to being a teen mom.

I just attended West Bloomfield High School’s prom in Bloomfield, MI at the Detroit Country Club. Last year, out the blue, my Twitter follower Anthony Nelson, a Senior at West Bloomfield High School, asked me to be his prom date via Twitter and naturally, I said YES! He even requested that I wear red, which I did!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend my prom when I was in high school because I was pregnant with my daughter Shaniece, but this was such an awesome experience and I was so honored.

Evelyn Lozada Goes to Prom 3

How neat!

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