Three Key Things Successful Women Do Differently To Prioritize Wellness
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Three Key Things Successful Women Do Differently To Prioritize Wellness

Wellness habits are something that we develop as we learn more about ourselves, especially as they relate to accommodating the professional lives we dream of and, eventually make a reality. We are also able to define exactly what wellness even means for ourselves, as we all have lifestyles and goals that vary. That being said, the habits we build can evolve over time, and the more we progress as the smart, beautiful Black queens we are, the more we look to the ambitious, successful women we admire to find ways to elevate.

Many of the women in business, entertainment, sports, medicine, and education that we know to be leaders in their industries practice habits that keep them refreshed, balanced, and better able to do what they do well. Let's take a look at the top wellness habits of the bossed-up and successful and take notes for inspiring overall wellness in our own lives:

1. They participate in fitness activities that they actual enjoy.

Whether it's the Tracy Anderson method for actress Tracee Ellis Ross, cardio and dancing for Cay Skin CEO Winnie Harlow, or Michelle Obama's shift to yoga, successful women often seek out fitness activities that not only work for them, but that are satisfying and meet their current needs.

Oftentimes wellness is not all about following a different IG workout every week or doing routines that you don't look forward to every week. It's more about knowing your body, being well-informed about your wellness goals, and finding what works for you. It's about actually enjoying fitness activities, and sticking to them. It's also ideal to shift or change based on your evolutions and transitions as a woman.

2. They recognize the importance of stillness or taking breaks to do absolutely nothing.

Actress and author Yvonne Orji once said "goodbye to the hustle and grind" and affirmed her approach to finding peace through taking baths to replenish her body and spirit. Tennis champ Naomi Osaka has sworn by meditation and the fact that self-care "doesn't have to be complicated." Oprah has practiced a Sunday routine of "doing nothing," making that day a "spiritual base of renewal."

Whether you're at zero or 100 on the scale of hard work right now, taking breaks and tapping into stillness where it makes sense for your life, mental health, and goals is important. Even if it's not a moment of total silence, taking time out of your day, week, or month to fully tap into breathwork, ease, or serenity can be something you make part of the usual to-dos on your calendar.

3. They approach wellness holistically, healing and helping multiple aspects of themselves.

Broadcaster Clara Amfo is all about loving your "whole self," and chef and singer Kelis pairs workouts with her love of incorporating fresh ingredients into the dishes she cooks. My Fab Finance founder Tonya Rapley has invested in time at a mental health gym, where she explored technological innovations and treatments to help her release stress hormones. Actress, entrepreneur, and producer Issa Rae has also touted the importance of seeking therapy, not just as something to do when something is "wrong," but as a normal part of self-care.

With wellness, it's not just about working out or eating a certain trending diet, but incorporating other things that benefit your health and wellness, like therapy and inner work.

It's great to follow a disciplined workout routine and meal plan, but there's more to your overall well-being than that. Doing things that tap into your spirituality, creativity, and inner child are all ways to balance how you approach what wellness truly means for you.

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