Your Weekly Horoscopes: April 8-14


For all of us, the week of April 8-14 will be no small feat.

Energetically, there are personal volcanoes exploding in everyone. And since that's the case, imagine how all of that is affecting our love lives and our careers. Some of the main themes this week are surrendering, dropping expectations, introspection, and starting anew.

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For all the Aries out there who are in a relationship, there will be things that might pop up this week that remind you that though you and your other half have a solid foundation, there is always room to improve. The energy suggests that there might be some small things that you realize need adjustments. This might be something that was swept under the rug in the past that seems to be resurrected this week. Instead of finding another rug to sweep this problem under, be mature enough to face it head-on. If you could tackle this problem together, you could find yourselves sailing smoothly throughout the rest of the month.

If you are single, you might be comfortable with smoothly sailing on your own this week. You might have a feeling of not wanting to be bogged down with anyone else's energy because dealing with your own this week is a task within itself. You might be easily irritated and simply focused on your own inner work.

When it comes to money and career this week, the Aries spirit might be folding under the pressure of self- expectations. Don't fall into the trap of mindlessly wondering what the problem could be! You could be making scenarios up in your mind about why you are not where you thought you would be at this point. It's important not to play the blame game. Slow things down in your head, and get back to reasonably brainstorming about how to progress.

Remind yourself to trust the process and to fully use the skills and talents that you have to make it happen.

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