This week, there are full moons, but we still aren't off the hook.

If you thought the Mercury retrograde took a toll, wait till you meet its annoying cousin Saturn! Saturn retrograde is known for causing friction in communication, fluctuation in emotions, and sometimes feels like you energetically keep stubbing your big toe.

Click through the gallery below to check out what your sign has in store when it comes to your love life, money, and career.


When it comes to love and relationships this week, things could get heated for the taken Aries. The Saturn retrograde could bring things to the surface in the relationship that need to be discussed, no matter how painful, hard, or uncomfortable it might be. The only thing that will come out of this, is change. Change might not be fun, but it is always for the better. Don't let fear stop you from being open and honest with yourself and your partner. Don't fight any tough conversations this week. The highest vision that you have for your relationship, will not come about, if you are unable to lay everything on the table.

If you are a single and looking, this week might be tough in particular, as you grow increasingly annoyed with your single status. If you feel like you constantly go through cycles of relationships that seem to follow the same path, it might be time for you to truly put your patterns in love under a microscope. Uncovering the reasons why similar experiences in relationships keep happening is the key to attracting the love that you truly want and is meant for you. Imagine this as riding a bike with tires that have so many micro slashes in it that it keeps going flat. Wouldn't you change the whole tire?

Find out where your bum tire is emotionally, energetically, spiritually, or mentally and change it.

When it comes to finances, frustration might arrive when goals and financial freedom is not coming as fast as you feel it should. This feeling might be amplified when you find yourself wanting to splurge on something that you really want, but also knowing that you really shouldn't spend funds that you don't necessarily have for luxury. This also includes spending money on alcohol, or drugs, or anything that takes your mind away from any current struggles. Don't allow your irritation with where you are, or aren't, to cause you to break the bank!

What does Saturn retrograde have in store for your zodiac sign this week?

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