We Talked To 8 Men About What They Find Most Attractive In Women


A couple weeks ago, xoNecole published my piece about the cold world of singledom, and thousands of you felt that in your chests! Many co-signed with having done so much internal, and soul expanding inner work, and being ready to find a vibrational match!

Well, I took it upon myself to connect with 8 #MCM worthy men, who will not only cheer you up, and help you hold on to that #BaeGoals faith...but they'll also warm things up with their divine masculine charm, and appealing transparency!

This list will give all my Single Ladies the scoop on up and coming millennial #MCM snacks that will be flooding your timelines if they aren't already! Hold on to your ovaries ladies, this read will jumpstart your week!

1. Marshall Price

His name is Marshall Price, he's originally from Harvey, Illinois and currently living in Dallas, Texas. He's a model and actor making moves in the industry.

What He Finds Attractive in a Woman:

"What I look for most in a woman is her personality and goals. If she doesn't have anything going for herself then I can't be around. I'm a pretty busy guy, so if you're not doing nothing, or you're not doing your passion, it wouldn't work."

His Ideal Date is...

"My ideal date would be bowling, then Shellshack, followed by a walk on a pier, and comedy club."

Photo by: Jarriel Jones

What Truly Makes Him Attractive:

"I would say my originality makes me attractive. I'm an old soul, so I like to enjoy classic R&B music sometimes."

2. Everette Taylor

Everette is originally from Richmond, VA and is currently based in downtown Los Angeles. He's a serial entrepreneur at heart and has started several companies over the past 10 years. He's naturally a passionate person and enjoys seeing people he cares about be as successful and happy as possible, and he goes above and beyond to make that happen. Ultimately, he's passionate about art, creating generational wealth within the black community, building great products, mentoring youth, and helping those less fortunate than himself.

What He Finds Attractive in a Woman:

"Can we laugh together? There's nothing more that I love to do than laugh. A great sense of humor is a must and just a generally positive and joyful person. Energy is important. I look for ambition and the refusal to settle for mediocrity. Someone who just doesn't have dreams, but follows through. I look for someone who wants to build their own legacy and can stand on their own too, with or without a man."

"Outside of that, I look for someone level-headed, intelligent, willing to compromise, and believes in something bigger than themselves."

What His Ideal Date is…

"My ideal date is anything that's optimized for great conversation. That means no movies, loud bars, etc. With a focus on conversation, we leave the bullshit at home. No masked ulterior motives or disingenuous intentions. Just a transparent and free-flowing conversation with in depth answers and lots of laughs."

What Truly Makes Him Attractive:

"Such a hard question for me to answer because I know that it varies depending on the person and in a superficial world, success tends to attract a lot of people for the wrong reasons. Mama ain't raise no fool though. With that being said, I do believe emotional intelligence is something that works in my favor in terms of attraction. I'm hyper aware of emotions and energy from others. I pride in myself in being able to cater to that. Not in a fake way, but a compassionate and thoughtful way. I personally think that's my most attractive quality."

3. Jéan Elie

Jéan Elie is an actor and content creator from Brockton Massachusetts living in LA. You've probably seen him on Insecure playing Issa Rae's petty younger brother, Ahmal Dee. His passion is creating content that elevates the underrepresented and the understanding of relationships, mental health and growth.

What He Finds Attractive in a Woman:

"I look for women that can take a joke and just live in the moments."

What His Ideal Date is…

"My ideal date is a random outing after lunch where we just go wherever and do whatever moves us."

What Truly Makes Him Attractive:

"Y'all going to have to answer that one for me. My mother told me never to talk about myself like that."

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4. Lawd P

He goes by the name Lawd P, and is a hip hop musician, creator, and entrepreneur. He's currently building a lifestyle brand called Soullennial, which is centered around a distinct music culture. He's created his management company to incorporate new ideas in owning and capitalizing off our creativity. He is passionate about music, teamwork, and love.

What He Finds Attractive in a Woman:

"A woman has to be wise. Completely trustworthy, and can lead the initiate through the process to show her man the other side. The other side is connecting with a woman physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually."

What His Ideal Date is...

"My ideal date is Smorgasburg at Prospect Park. BYOB, picnic, and you have food vendors. Everything you need all in one space. I believe in killing two birds in one stone." [winks]

Photo by: Rashida Zagon @sheedaz

What Truly Makes Him Attractive:

"I believe what makes me attractive is that I always find a way to go back to joy. I'm all about positivity, jokes, trust and affection. I always find a way to connect and understand a woman's perspective without my ego in the process."

5. Tyler Lepley

Tyler Lepley is known for being an actor and he's most passionate about finding different mediums for self-expression.

What He Finds Attractive in a Woman:

"I meet lots of beautiful women who seem to be on autopilot. So one thing that keeps me interested is a woman with a specific point of view."

What His Ideal Date is...

"My ideal date is anywhere near a bucket of crab legs! It's always easier to vibe when the eating is good."

Photo by: Eric Michael Roy, Stylist: Paris Libby

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What Truly Makes Him Attractive:

"Whether or not I'm attractive isn't for me to say, however, I have a passion for developing myself, and although I have feelings of insignificance at times, I do believe that through my gifts I can impact the world; and that's beautiful."

6. Terry Omi

Terry Omi holds a MBA in Business Management & Leadership and also a BS in Human Services. He has gained career experiences working in the pharmaceutical industry specializing in dermatology medication, as well as in the social services industry, working with substance abuse population, HIV/AIDS population, college prep programs, child welfare, and also as a counselor for teens in need of anger management services. In addition, he has career experiences as a media correspondent/journalist, which has led him to interviewing hundreds of business leaders, celebrities and entertainers, such as Sean "Diddy" Combs, Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, Migos and more!

What He Finds Attractive in a Woman:

"The main things I look for in a woman is the fear, love, and passion for GOD. Someone who loves and appreciates her family, someone who is fuuuuuuun, open-minded, educated, creative, wise, self motivated, and is able to inspire and connect with me in many ways. It also helps if she takes pride in her appearance, is a good dancer, enjoys exercising and we're both into similar music."

What His Ideal Date is...

"My ideal 1st date would involve hearing some good music, eating great food, laughs and being in a space where we can comfortably talk and learn which ways we're able to connect and relate to one another."

What Truly Makes Him Attractive:

"What makes me attractive is my love for GOD, my ambition, and the fact that I can relate to people very easily."

7. Jayson Aaron

Jayson Aaron was born and raised in Los Angeles. He's an artist intent on creating things that will have a positive impact on culture.

What He Finds Attractive in a Woman:

"If I'm interested, I'm looking at how she literally and figuratively moves through a room, her smile, sense of style, and our ease in communication. Can we be honest, can we be friends?"

What His Ideal Date is...

"Get fly, explore whatever city that we're in for a while, eat some great food, then go dance somewhere playing Afrobeats (laughs)."

Photo by: Renee Wootsen @iironic

What Truly Makes Him Attractive:

"What I hope people notice is my vibe. Good energy is important to me."

8. Jonathan Henderson

Jonathan is a graphic artist from New York and a Senior Manager at PF Changs on Long Island. Graphic design is his passion and he's been doing it for the past 13 years. He owns a graphic design business specializing in flyers, logos, business cards, album cover artwork, and photography. He got into modeling to mainly learn more about photography. His end goal is to end up in the entertainment industry as a graphic artist and personal photographer - and he's open to acting gigs too!

What He Finds Attractive in a Woman:

"I look for smart, educated, and independent women. I love a challenge, not one that makes it too easy for me. The older I get, the more open I become to all different types of women."

"If the vibe is there, that's all that matters."

What His Ideal Date is…

"I'm pretty simple with dates. Let's go out to a nice restaurant, grab a drink or bottle of wine, have good conversation - not all up in our phones the whole time. I've been on dates where the girl will be on her phone the whole time, and any time I tried to hold a conversation, she somehow made it about herself. That's a turn off to me. I'm all about learning about the woman I'm dating, but not when they're full of themselves. Confidence is sexy, cockiness is not."

Photo by: Marvin Bienaime

What Truly Makes Him Attractive:

"To me, I was pretty hit growing up. A lot of people use the 'Steve Urkel to Stefan' reference, but I stay very humble at the end of the day. I feel my ambition, drive, and work ethic is what makes me attractive. I like to make people laugh and always keep a positive vibe. Also inspiring others to follow their dreams and never give up no matter what setbacks get in the way. I live by the saying, 'Every setback is a set up for a major come back.' Looks aren't everything at the end of the day, but I will admit my family got some good genes...I can't complain about that! (Laughs)"

Featured image of Marshall Price by Melissa Allison Photo

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