8 Ways to Appear More Professional As An Entrepreneur

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As entrepreneurship is becoming more of a thing for young millennials in this day and age, it's still important to understand the value of professionalism.

Often times when we work for companies, we don't think about the finer details of professional presentation that must exist both upfront and behind the scenes. We usually are only concerned with how we present ourselves as employees, and try our best to abide by the guidelines of our jobs.

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For many budding entrepreneurs, once we leave our jobs, we leave the energy and concern of the corporate world in our former workplaces.

You soon realize that as a small business owner, you are technically always on the job. The following is a list of ways to have a more professional appearance and outlook as an entrepreneur or freelancer.


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When choosing an email address name for your business, it is best to choose something that is clear, professional, and reflective of your business. This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people still have email addresses from middle school!

If you are a freelancer, stray away from using email addresses with nicknames, multiple digits, or your birth year. Opt for an option that includes your first and last name. If your desired username is already taken, try using underscores, or period points just to switch things up.

Gmail is the most professional appearing email provider, but using an email address from your own actual website is the most professional look. Using other email providers like Yahoo, Hotmail, or even iCloud, may seem less professional.

If you are a professional entrepreneur or freelancer, it might also be a great idea to add a notice or disclaimer of confidentiality to the signature of every single email you send. This automatically bumps up the seriousness and the professional appearance of your email address. It's also a first order of legal protection for any conversations that occur within your email.

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