Wanna Climax More? KISS MORE.

One of the easiest ways to intensify your orgasms is between your lips...and his.


Kissing is such a fascinating thing — to me. The reason why I say that is because, if the person you are exchanging a kiss with is someone who is good at it, it can be the sexiest, most special and most exhilarating thing ever. On the other hand, if they aren't so good — it's just gross. I don't know about y'all, but kissing is such a big deal in my world that I once broke up with someone, in part, because they totally sucked at doing it. It was like, no matter how hard I tried to explain to them what I needed in order to feel like we were in "kissing sync", they would continue to go off and do their own thing. All over my face (yuck).

Hmph. One day, maybe we'll talk about how a lot of people's kissing techniques can explain how they get down when it comes to communication and connection, in general (chile). For now, I'll just say that if you've got someone who is a great kisser in your life (the "Usher kind" and otherwise #wink), don't take them for granted because not all kissers are created equal. Oh, and if you're looking for an orgasm hack that has quite a bit of scientific proof to back it up, that's another reason to kiss more often because, from what I've read and researched, a gateway to more climaxing is definitely more kissing.

How Kissing Emotionally Improves Sex


Can people have great sex without an emotional connection? It's been known to happen. Still, even with the individuals I know who are huge casual sex fans, whenever we engage in semi-deep chats, something that they all have told me is that sex is so much better when there is an emotional bond between them and their partner. Something that emphasizes that kind of bond and even helps to cultivate it is kissing. I've actually checked out a study that said the frequency that two people kiss can actually reveal quite a bit when it comes to how relationally and sexually satisfied they actually are with one another.

While I do think it's interesting that this study also stated that men find kissing to be more essential in the beginning of the relationship as well as it being an act of foreplay while women believed that kissing is important all throughout, when you really stop to think about it, how could kissing not help to cultivate a stronger emotional bond which could make sex so much better in the long run? You've got to get close to kiss and, if you do it all of the time, there's got to be some strong chemistry, good energy and a real connection that you feel with your partner. Otherwise…why would you do it?

How Kissing Physically Enhances Sex


When I was in college, I used to hear quite a bit of people (men and women alike) talk about how they could have sex and not kiss during the act. Then I wrote an article for this platform where some people told me that they could do the same thing (check out "Umm, What's Up With These People Who Hate Kissing?"). Chile, I can't even remotely relate because, to me, kissing is what arouses me to want to get closer and go deeper…if you know what I mean. Science backs these sentiments too.

For one thing, kissing triggers the brain release of natural "feel good hormones" like oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. And when I mean "feel good", I mean that they can make you hornier and even cause you to feel somewhat euphoric. Kissing also reduces your cortisol levels and I think we all can vouch for the fact that the more relaxed we feel, the more we're literally able to take it all in (pun intended) which makes for a much more pleasurable sexual experience. Also, kissing increases your heart rate. As a direct result, your blood vessels dilate, all over your body, which can result in more sexual stimulation and more intensified orgasms.

Also, because one of the things that saliva has in it is testosterone and that is a sex hormone booster, when you're kissing your partner, it can trigger its level as well. Oh, and if you've got a headache? One way to ease it is to kiss because kissing lowers your blood pressure which results in less head tension.

Gee, if you put all of these things together, how could it not be extremely obvious that kissing is an activity that can physically get you interested in having sex and keep you totally and sensually involved before, during and after the act is done?

How Kissing Can Make Orgasms More Possible and Intensifies Them


Here's a point that just might be your "something new" for the day. OK, so a man's penis has around 4,000 nerve endings in it. Your clitoris? About twice that many. Bookmark that. Interestingly enough, when I was asking a male friend of mine to explain to me what an orgasm felt like to him, he said that rubbing my tongue along the inside of my cheek was the closest he could come to defining it. And looka here — word on the street is that our lips are 100 times more sensitive than say, our fingertips. In fact, I once read that, according to the Kama Sutra, our lips "mimic" our vagina with our lips representing our labia, the "dip" of our upper lip representing our clitoris and the palate above the top of our front teeth representing our G-spot (very interesting). If you add to all of this the fact that kissing involves, shoot, all of our five senses, on some level (taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing), I totally get how kissing can make an orgasm happen — or that it can cause the ones that are happening to go to even greater heights!

Matter of fact, I can raise my hand in this class and say that there have been a few men in my past who were such kissing masters (and our connection was so "there") that I was able to have an orgasm, just by kissing alone. And boy, is it something to behold. BE. HOLD. And again, that would make complete and total sense if our lips are way more sensitive than some of the other parts of our body — parts that we may even consider to be erogenous zones.

Honestly, I don't know what else to tell y'all other than, if you either struggle with climaxing or you want the ones that you do experience to go another level, kissing more often, more intently and more intensely could be the solution that you've been looking for. So, next time that you're about to get it on and in, focus on kissing more — not just as a way to get things started but to keep things going. You might just be surprised how it makes you feel…head to toe. Quite literally.

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