[Waaaaay Up!] The 7 Times Steph Curry's Daughter Riley Stole The Show Again Last Night!

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Riley curry 2

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Who needs a cameo, when you are the show -- Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to episode 2 of The Riley Show!

Last night, The Golden State Warriors won The Western Conference Finals, and it was all about two-year-old superstar Riley Curry again as the kid comedienne took over her dad's press conference, and gave us 7 very memorable moments. After Stephen and the Warriors crushed the Houston Rockets, 4-1, to advance their team to the NBA Finals, his toddler twin joined him on the floor and later at the podium for a little turn up!

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 7.07.14 AM

Just like last time, Riley's favorite chair is still her daddy's lap. And you know once she's seated, it's a wrap!

Riley naptime

First the show started in reverse with Riley taking a great big yawn before briefly going to Nappy Town.

Riley needs help

Then she needed help getting her bracelet on, because MVP or not, a girl still needs her daddy! "Dada help me,"

Riley way up I feel blessed

Next it was time to give God the glory while also reciting Drake's line from Big Sean's "Blessings." "Waaaaay up, I feel blessed," she repeatedly declared.

I know that's right!

Riley - hold my gum

The podium was her playground as she then went playing with the curtains. But like a true little boss, she had to have someone hold her gum first!

Riley turns up

Next it was time for some jumping and dancing. After all, her dad did just win the Western Conference finals. Ayyy turn up!

Riley be quiet daddy

All that turning up was tiresome as Rily then went back on her dad's lap to lounge and nap.

Too bad he was being too loud again. "Daddy, be quiet."

Riley leaves

Ladies and gentleman, Riley has left the building. Her walk tho...#LikeABoss

Last week, sports journalist across the nation groaned after Riley took over the press conference and prevented them from getting the quotes they needed from Steph Curry.  There was even some talk about petitioning the NBA to ban kids from the podium.

When a reporter asked how he felt about bringing her this time around, Steph replied, "Think she's taking advantage of the moment, for sure. [laughs] She's way too comfortable."

That indeed.

In case you are wondering, Riley gets her personality from her mama!

Catch the entire Riley show on the next page.

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