57-Year-Old Political Candidate's Disturbing Photo With His 19-Year-Old Former Intern He Impregnated Raises A Lot Of Questions

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Joe Morrissey

Nope, that's not an Antebellum era picture that was colorized and made new for some art exhibit. It's also not a picture taken from a movie set. That picture is real life...in 2015!In case you missed it...


Meet Joe Morrissey, a 57-year-old Virginia state Senate candidate who just recently confirmed that he impregnated and fathered a two-month-old son with his 19-year-old former intern, Myrna Pride.

Pride met Morrissey when she was 17 and working as his secretary. Their work relationship soon turned sexual though, ultimately landing Morrissey in handcuffs last year. The then-delegate resigned his seat, pled guilty and was sentenced to six months in jail for "contributing to the delinquency of a minor," but ended up being placed on a 90-day work release. Crazy enough, in January, while in jail, he was re-elected in a special election. He later resigned again and is currently running for senator.

While we can attribute Pride's lack of better judgment on her young age, and "not knowing any better," what's Morrissey's excuse? Where's his PR team? Are they wherever his shame and brains are located? As if this "WTF?" story isn't already bizarre enough, it all got downright disturbing recently with the release of his family portrait.

The photo, given out to reporters by an unstable Morrissey himself, features the 57-year-old political candidate dressed up in Antebellum attire while smiling down and placing his hand on his teenage girlfriend's shoulder. Pride, also dressed for the period, is seen lovingly smiling back at her senior boyfriend while holding their two-month-old son, Chase.

Joe Morrissey and Myrna Pride portrait

Let's acknowledge the elephant in the room. The picture looks like a "massa" with his most prized "property."

This grown, 57-year-old man saw fit to dress both himself and his black teenaged girlfriend in clothes taken straight from an era when blacks were bought and sold. Ironically enough, bought and sold by people dressed exactly like he's dressed in the outlandish picture. We can't imagine what the wedding portraits are going to look like.

And Oh yes, there will be a wedding!

In a press conference where Pride claimed she and Morrissey didn't have sex until she was 18, Virginia's legal age of consent, the troubled politician says he plans on wifing the teenaged mother of his fifth child. He already has four children (two of them adults) by four women.

Of course we’re going to get married, I love Myrna. She’s smart. She’s intelligent. She makes me laugh. I think she makes me a better person. We’ve got a great life.

The couple may not be sending out any wedding invitations to Pride's family as they plan on suing Morrissey for essentially being a creep. They informed reporters shortly after Morrissey and Pride's press conference:

It's disgusting that these two continue to lie and defame our family. The plea agreement clearly states that he had a sexual relationship with Myrna prior to her turning 18. He continues to deny, disrespect, and make a mockery of the justice system, our family, and our little sister. All the while our mother is currently facing jail time for defending his behavior yet he has not been held accountable for his actions and at this point we will be suing Joseph Dee Morrissey for the turmoil he has created for our family!

Whether he waited until Pride was of age or not, it's still creepy because his feelings didn't just develop exactly at midnight, on her 18th birthday. What's even more baffling is that he was only sentenced to six months in jail which was then reduced to a 90-day work release sentence. He also won his seat back in the House of Delegates while sitting in jail, and plans to run for Senate in November.

A commenter on Heavy.com asks some of the same questions we are wondering:

Why is it that no article I can find, describes child molester Morrisey’s crime as “statutory rape”? Why did child molester Morrisey serve only 3 months in prison? Did he have to register as a sex offender? If I, as an adult black man, had sex with and impregnated a 17-year old white girl under my direct supervision would I serve the same sentence? It appears to me that this and many other articles are holding this geriatric child rapist up as some kind of hero because he statutorily raped and impregnated a black girl. Is this the face of White privilege in America??





Joe Morrissey and Myrna Pride tweets

Joe Morrissey and Myrna Pride tweets 2

Joe Morrissey and Myrna Pride tweets 4

Joe Morrissey and Myrna Pride tweets 5

Joe Morrissey and Myrna Pride tweets 6

Joe Morrissey and Myrna Pride tweets 7

h/t: HuffPo

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