[Video] Sway, Heather B & Necole Bitchie Weigh In On If Women Should Propose To Men

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Ladies, it's a new age and the dating scene is changing drastically with women having to put in a little bit more initiative when it comes to meeting and dating men. Does that mean that they should go out and make the first move when it comes to proposing?

This week, I stopped by "Sway In The Morning" to chop it up with Sway, Heather B and Tracy G and the hot discussion was women proposing to men.  Tracy revealed that Jenny McCarthy recently said that she made the first move when it came to approaching her current boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg, and she wouldn't be surprised if she ended up being the one to propose.  Now, keep in mind, Chrissy from Love & Hip Hop proposed to her longtime boyfriend Jim Jones and although he said "Yes," the couple haven't gotten married yet, however, actor Michael Jai White's ex-wife Courtenay Chapman proposed to him and he married her two days later.  [You can peep their love story here!]

Catch highlights from our thoughts on the "Women Proposing To Men" topic below:

Sway: There's nothing wrong with [a woman proposing to a man.]

What I would do is take that proposal and tell her to hold it and allow me to do it bigger and better but if a woman knows what she wants...

Heather B: Who does this work for? What females propose to what men?  It doesn't work...

Necole Bitchie: I definitely wouldn't. Men, they normally wait until they are ready financially. If I'm making that decision for him, I'm probably wearing the pants in the relationship and I don't want to wear the pants.

Men are so passive nowadays. You gotta guide them to do everything. You might have to [propose] in 2014. In 2013/2014, men aren’t taking the initiative to do anything. They don’t even know what courting is.

Heather B: Women don't allow men to do that anymore. They f--k them after a pair of shoes and a purse. They f--k them after Red Lobster. I wouldn't ask to marry you either.

Tracy G:  This also has to do with dating in the digital age. People don't know how to communicate. They are also hiding behind their phones and text messaging.

Heather B: Because you respond back to them.  Make them talk!

Caller: [Women who propose to men] are just setting themselves up for failure. If he was ready, he would do it. You shouldn't have to propose to a man. I mean, if you are going to wear a tux at the wedding, go ahead and propose!

The topic starts at the 7:15 mark

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